Friday, July 31, 2009


OK, so this morning I am trying to get ready to take Riley and Joel to Monkey Business so they can meet their friends there to play for a while. I was just about to fix Riley's hair when Joel called Nellie off the bed (because she was trying to eat Riley's hair bows). So he goes down stairs and calls her (Nellie that is). And when he did, she decided to pretty much jump from the top step down!
(see picture below of the stairs)
When she hit the floor, I think she hit Terry's recliner and started yelping. I could tell she was hurt. She moved into a corner and stayed there for about 5 minutes.
When I finally got her to move, I noticed that she would not put her paw down on the floor at all. So I called Terry but he was in the middle of taking a test so he could not talk. So I called Tammy to see if she could help me get Nellie down to her kennel. We got her in her kennel and I left to take Joel and Riley to Monkey Business. By the time I got home, Terry was there and we got her in the back of the van and drove to the vet. Luckily we didn't have to wait too long. They called us in and after taking x-ray's they did not find anything wrong with it. It is not broken! Thank goodness:) They did give her some pain killers and hopefully that will hep her with the pain. And hopefully by next week it should be fine.

She is still on antibiotics from her surgery 2 weeks ago and now she is on MORE pain killers.
This is the paw she hurt.
Since we have been home from the vet, she has been in her bed asleep. It must really hurt!

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Justin & Raluca said...

Poor Nellie! Give her a kiss for us!