Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Our Swimming Ninja's!

Josiah's Story:
I have to say, I am so proud of Josiah. He was such a trooper with the swimming lessons. The first time he got into the pool, he went down the steps one step at a time and when he got to the bottom he just kind of sank to the bottom. Sarah pulled him up and he just kind of laughed.He was a pretty quick learner. Having the goggles on helped with him putting his face in the water. He was not scared of doing that at all. He just could not remember or just didn't understand that he can NOT breath under water. He tried twice and it was pretty bad. The first time he did it, he started caughing, and choking. He had a really hard time breathing. It was really scary. He thru up into the pool-but at least it was all water. He was so scared, I could tell. And so was I. But then he started crying and calming down. I really thought we were done. He kept saying he wanted to go home. But then Ms. Sarah told him he could use the kick board and he went right back into the water. He was awesome!!! He did it again a few days later and got back into the pool after that one too. Hopefully he has now learned his lesson:)
We are all done with swimming lessons for this year. I have to say, he did awesome. I wouldn't say he can "swim" but it is something to work with. Hopefully next year he will get stronger.

 He loved the kick board. He thought it was so much fun. He said " it looks like I am surfing".

He did not like laying on his back too much because his ears would get wet. (Like that doesn't happen when he is under the water, but whatever).

He also LOVED to jump in. Especially when he got "brave" enough to do it without holding her hands.

Here is our "swimming Nija" running around the pool with his cape on. He looked SO funny!!!

Jesse's Story

This was Jesse's 3rd year (if I remember correctly) of swimming lessons. And he is getting really good at it. He got the breast stroke down pretty good and also learned the back stroke. He loves to swim and be in the water. So this was just up his alley. He had so much fun. I think his favorite part was jumping in (as you can see from the picture above). He also liked the kick board. 

 Floating was another one of his favorites. Ms. Sarah would be explaining something to him and all of the sudden he wold be laying on his back. I think this boy would be in the pool ALL DAY if we had a pool. I am so glad he got to do the swimming lessons.
We are so glad Ms. Sarah got to teach some of our kids to swim. I am sad to hear that she will be moving to Chicago this year so she will not be able to do swimming lessons next year. Hopefully we will be able to find somebody just as good.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Rogers' first EVER yard sale.

About a month ago, we decided to go ahead and have a yard sale with Justin and Raluca. Since they are getting ready move across country, they needed to get rid of some stuff. We decided to go ahead and do it at our house because their house is on the maket right now and we didn't want to take a chance of doing it at their house and then people wanting to come and see the house. So I went through all of our "stuff" and we got rid of some things. I think we calculated we made about $60 not too much but I know that Raluca and Justin made some good money, so it was worth it.
Joel had a watch that he wanted to sell. I have to say, from my personal taste it was a pretty UGLY watch. But he was going to sell it. I think he started with $10 or B.O. Then it went to B.O. Only. Well, it was getting close to about noon and it still had not sold. SO, he brought it down again, to $5.00 "But that is the lowest I will go, Mom". Ok, Joel:) Terry had told him he would give him $2.00 for it. But he was determined to sell it. Then "THEY" drove up. They got out of their car and started looking around. This one guy, picked it up and was very interested. He went up to Terry and asked how much he wanted for the watch so Terry said $3.00. I could not believe it, the man bought it. Joel was very excited about it. I think he did the happy dance in the drive way. Even though he did sell it for only $3. 
Riley and Alina just hanging out and waiting for customers.
 Here is our early morning set up. I thought it looked pretty good.
 Justin had this drum he was trying to sell that Terry "found". He  just loved drumming on it. I think he might have woken some of our neighbors up with it. Ohh, Ohhh!!!
 My "Stud-Muffin" with some cool cowboy boots!!
 The kids decided they wanted to to have a lemonade stand. I don't think they made any money but all the lemonade was gone. Oh well, they tried:)

I say, it was fun. The kids enjoyed it too. Especially Joel. He was the money holder:)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jesse's Birthday Update

So this past Wednesday was Jesse's 7th birthday. We had a lot going on that day. In the morning we had Vacation Bible School from 9am-11:30am. Then we came home and had lunch and we packed up again at 1:30pm and drove to swimming lessons from 2pm-3pm. It was a crazy week. Can I say, "I am glad this week is over"!!! Anyway, Jesse was very patient. We waited till Terry got home around 5pm and sent the kids up to the bedroom so we can get his present out for him. He was SO surprised!!!

He could not believe he got a bike:)
 They are all admiring the new bike.
 "Did I REALLY get a bike?!?
 Not sure if I like the name of this bike!!!
 All ready to go!!!

For dinner, Jesse and I went and picked up some "Hot and Ready's" and enjoyed some good pizza. Then after dinner our neighbor's Tony and Marlene came over and had some birthday cake with us. It was a nice ending to a wonderful day!!!

I know it wasn't JoJo's day, but I just had to share this picture. Can you say, "CUTE"!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jesse!!!

7 years ago, our life changed for the good:)

I remember it was a rainy and stormy day. I started having contractions late afternoon, but I was in denial. I was not ready for you to come yet. The main reason was because Opa and Oma were taking a trip to Atlanta to get their passports and then they were going to Alabama to celebrate Matthew's 1st birthday. I remember Opa kept asking me if he needed to stay home but I told him it was fine, I was NOT going into labor while there were gone. BUT, God had a different plan. Terry had come home and went straight to bed after dinner because he already "KNEW" you were coming, but remember...I was in denial. So I finally went to bed around 10 pm and at 10:30pm I had a REALLY bad contraction. It finally hit me that we probably had to go to the hospital. So I called my neighbor and Mr. James came over and slept on the couch to be with Joel and Riley. We finally got to the hospital at 11pm and the nurses "watched" my contractions for about 20 minutes and she finally decided to check me at 11:30 and I was 8-9 cm. So that is when it got to be CRAZY!!!! They immediately took me to the delivery room while I was in SO much pain. They did try to give me an eppidural and it worked for a little bit but then once my water broke it hurt like CRAZY!!!!.Jesse was born at 1:45am with the cord around his neck twice. It was very scary because the moment you came out they moved you to a different table and worked on you. It took him an entire minute for to start crying.  I was very scary for the both of us. They ended up putting him in the incubator and wheeled him to the nursery. I didn't get to hold him until about 9am that morning. But after all that, he was a very healthy baby. We could take him home on time.
And look at you now, you finished 1st grade and ready to start 2nd. You are so funny and love to laugh and make jokes. You are an awesome little brother and BIG brother. And you LOVE to snuggle and for people to tickle your feet. You don't care what people think and love to be silly (look at the picture below-Tacky day at school)
I thank God for giving us our Jester:) I love you and I hope you have a wonderful birthday.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Birthday Recap!

Since it was Josiah's birthday he got to chose his birthday dinner. And his was home made pepperoni pizza. I have to say it was good:) Riley helped me make the pizza and she thought it would be great idea to put a J on one of the pizza's. Josiah especially liked it:)

 The kids with the birthday boy.


We waited till after dinner to do the present and cake. We invited Alina and Mrs. Raluca to come and celebrate his birthday with us and have some cake. He was very happy  Alina was there.

 Joel and Riley wrapped the present for Josiah.

 Mrs. Raluca and Alina, THANK YOU for coming and celebrating my birthday with me!!!

 This is Josiah the next morning. I THINK he likes his new present.