Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Aunt Merry and Jesse holding hands. I just love this picture.

This weekend we went up to McConnells, South Carolina to visit Terry's sister Merry. We had not seen her in a while and had a wonderful time. We went to York where they were having a Summerfest/Car show. They kids had so much fun, and as surprising as it may sound...I had a really good time. You cars...there really not all that much fun. But they really had some beauties there:) The kids had a blast too.
Thanks Merry for inviting us over. We really did have a wonderful time!!!

I had to get a picture of the BIG gun!!

Just thought these two pictures (the one below too) would be cool:)

I don't remember this car being so small but with them two in front of it...it looks really small!

Ok, so is it just me or does this picture look like a "my first car"picture? NO, I have 6 more years or so before that happens right???

Daddy's favorite car!

You think they love their aunt Merry???

I LOVE this picture!

They also got their face/arm painted.

Jesse is so smart...he got the guy to put it on his arm so HE could look at it too!!

Since Joel is too big to get his face painted...he got to climb the rock wall.
He made it ALL THE WAY to the top. You ROCK Joel:)

The petting zoo.

On the way back to the car.
Jesse LOVES his aunt Merry!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Going Back To School...

Yes, today was the first day of school for our kids. I believe everyone was very excited. They ALL jumped right out of bed and got dressed within a few minutes. It was amazing-I wish it was like that every day. Joel said he was actually a little nervous today. This is his last year in elementary school. NO WAY!!! I still remember him on his first day to kindergarten with Mrs. Morrow. He looked so small.

August, 2005

 And look at him now...

August, 2010

My 5th grader; 2nd grader and 1st grader.

I had to take a picture of all of them with Lilli.

All packed up in the van-ready to go!!

Jesse and his teacher-Mrs. Dew

Riley and her teacher-Mrs. Denny

Joel and his teacher- Mrs. Parker

JoJo in the Van driving back home. Now what is he going to do without his brother's and sister???

Play with Lilla, of course:)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Story Time With Joel

So...after the car wash on Friday it was time to cool down. Josiah and Alina had just finished watching Toy Story and Joel, Riley and Jesse were trying to cool down. So Joel sat down on the floor with Alina and started reading Good Night Moon. Joel loves reading and he loves reading to little ones too. He really tried to get her involved with the story. He is getting so big. It is great to see him with her like that.

Slowly the other kids came to listen to the story.

Now its Riley's turn.

Monday, August 16, 2010

At the car wash...

A few weeks ago while my sister's kids were in town, her oldest- Christopher asked  me if he could wash my van. So I told him he could and he cleaned it very well. He even showed Joel how to do it. So Joel has been really wanting to clean cars lately. So Friday morning he asked us if today would be a good day to clean the truck. I personally would not want to do it in this HEAT but we gave him permission and told him that Riley and Jesse could help too. They had so much fun. They vacuumed; cleaned the dashboard and washed the windows. I think they did a pretty good job. So for payment Terry took all the kids to Sonic for some milk shakes. I think they thought that was the BEST part.

Riley, the official vacuum holder!

Vacuuming is a hard job!

Two essentials to washing a car: Water and Music!

I think Joel is liking all this work he has been doing: Dog sitting & car wash. He might start his own business at age 10.
SOOO....if you need somebody to wash your car or dog sit I am pretty sure I have 3 (maybe 4) little people around here that are interested in helping you out!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bath Tub Buddies.

This past Wednesday we got to watch Alina at night so her mom and dad got to go on a date to celebrate their anniversary. She came over around 6pm and ate dinner with us. After dinner I had to give Josiah a bath and I thought it would be fun for him to take a bath with Alina. They had so much fun. I think I got some great pictures of them. Enjoy.

"Look Alina, this is how you do this".
"Ok Josiah, its time for another kiss".

Beautiful Girl!

Look at those blue eyes!!


After Bath time, I set her down on the couch with her milk and Riley read them a story. I think they all enjoyed that time together. Riley loves having Alina over. Its her little "adoptive" sister.

After story time it was time to pray and then bed time. I put Alina in Riley's bed for a minute and they had so much fun. Typical girls giggling:) Too cute. Riley would have loved to have had her in her room with her. Maybe next time.

Snuggy loves her Lilla.

The next morning Alina was over again because her mom had to go back to work. So Riley and Alina pretty much started playing where they left off the night before except this time it was on the living room floor.

Such pretty girls.