Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer Time Blues

"Mom, I am bored"! "What can I do"? "Can I play the WII"? "Can I play on the computer"? "Can I watch a movie"? How come they never ask "Mom, can I read a book"? It seems like I hear this 3, 4 times a day! Summers here in SC get so hot that I hate to send the kids outside so most of the time I say yes to all 3 of those "less active activities". But no worries. I have found the perfect solution for the next 14 days!!!
14 Frugal, Fun Summer Activities!
Again, I did not come up with this idea myself. I found it on
So here it goes. They have no reason(s) to be bored any more. Lets have some fun!!!
  1. See dollar movies at the theater.
  2. Sprinkler day
  3. Story time at the library
  4. Set up a lemonade stand
  5. Teach your child to fly a kite
  6. Make home made play doh.
  7. Bake a cake
  8. Build a "fort" in the living room
  9. Go bowling
  10. Declare a "Bored" game day
  11. Have a water balloon Fight
  12. Create a mini-me
  13. Pajama Day
  14. Spend a day volunteering your time

I think these are some great ideas. To be honest we have already done some of these things. Joel has really gotten interested in cooking with me. A couple of days ago he picked out a recipe from a cookbook he made when he was in 2ND grade. He picked out "Chicken Roll-ups". I have to say, he did great. OK, I did help him a little bit but the majority of it he did all by himself. He also LOVES making waffles lately. So one day last week we had waffles for dinner and he made them all while dad was frying the sausage and I had to run to the library. I like this! So the next time the kids are bored I am going to get this list out and let them pick something out. They will have lots of fun! And so will I!

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