Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blueberry Picking And Summer Fun...

(From L to R). Samual; Donavan; Jesse; Riley; Josiah; Samantha; Joel; Sal and Alina.
We have had a lot of fun so far this summer. At least I think so and I hope the kids do too. Today we went blueberry picking. We went with Mari and her kids and Raluca and Alina went with us too. It was a lot of fun just very HOT! When you get there each person gets a bucket and then you cross the street and and start picking. I have to say there are a LOT of blueberries. I actually felt a little over whelmed. After about 45 minutes of picking (it might have been shorter but it sure felt like it) we decided to go ahead and go pay for them. Since it was past 1:00pm the owners "close" and they work on the "honor system". They have a scale and a little money box by their front door. We got about 1 1/2 lbs of blueberries and I only paid $1.50 I think Mari and I (and who ever else wants to go) will go back tomorrow night (without kids) and get some more. You get beat this deal. Just prepared to eat LOTS of blueberries over the next few months.
Here are Sal & Joel comparing Blueberries.
Who has the biggest Blueberry?
Wow, they are so much a like!
And the winner is??? I think it is a tie guys!
After the blueberry picking we went to the library to bring our books back and get some more for our Summer Reading program. I think Wednesday is "unofficially" library day for the Fontana/Rogers Family. The kids each got 5 books to check out and then we took them McDonald's for some ice cream. I think Mari and I were both ready for some cooling off and relaxing. So we took them to the "new" McDonald's in town and let them play in the play place. They had a lot of fun! Riley decided she wanted to go to church with Samantha today so she is with them at this moment while our other kids are reading; napping and one little man is sitting right next to me counting to 12. Try typing and somebody counting in your ear to 12! It is hard!Enjoy the pictures!


Mari Fontana said...

We had fun...but it was HOT!

Jess said...

Hey there!
We really want to go blueberry picking! But I don't know where this place is... I've heard other people talking about it too, is it down 378? Also, do they CLOSE at 1:00? As in... pick the berries BEFORE naptime? I was thinking late afternoon blueberry picking would be much more bearable!
Looks like yall had a great time!!