Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer Time Fun

We were invited by our friends John and Beth to go on their boat with them yesterday. The kids were so excited they have been talking about it for days now. So yesterday was the big day. We all had a lot of fun. We all got to go tubing- even Josiah and he loved it. Riley was not so sure about going in the lake. She kept saying there were snakes in it. I was surprised that Jesse went right in since he said he was not going swimming. But then once he was daddy and Joel go in he followed them right away. It took some convincing for Riley. After a few minutes of watching the other kids have fun in the lake she came up to me and said (very quietly) "ok, I'll try it". Once she got in, she did not want to get out. She was enjoying every minute of it.

Like I said, we also got to go tubing. Can I say, that was SO much fun. I had never done it before and I have to be honest I was a bit nervous but it was fun:) All the kids went and they had a blast! After everybody went tubing we went to a little beach to the kids could go swimming where their feet could touch the ground. I have to say, I can't believe how Riley is swimming. She has learned a lot from her swimming lessons this past week. She was going under water looking for rocks and shells. (I posted a picture of it). After that we went to a cove that John and Beth named "Turtle Cove". We anchored there and let the kids swim while John grilled the hot dogs and shrimp. Dinner was very good! After we all dried off and ate our dinner we went to this one place in the lake where the Purple Martins come ever night around 7:30pm or so and they just fly around until dark. It is amazing, there must have been thousands of them. It was amazing. And I guess this is a knows fact with people who have boats because there were a lot of people there too watching them. There was even a "Ice Cream Boat" that was selling ice cream. I thought that was pretty funny!
We really enjoyed ourselves on the lake. This morning Riley asked me if we can get a boat now too. Oh I wish, but I don't think that is going to happen any time soon! But we can dream, can't we???

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Mari Fontana said...

What GREAT pictures! I really like the first one!