Monday, July 6, 2009

Jesse's 5th birthday party

Friday was the "big day" for Jesse. We finally had the birthday party for him at the Wright's pool. We are so thankful that they "opened" the pool for us again. I have to say, he was so excited about his birthday party. He invited his friends from his Sunday School and had a blast. The nice thing about having this party on Friday was that Daddy actually got to be there too since he had the day off. I have to say, Jesse is really getting good at swimming. He loves being in the pool.
For his birthday cake I made this little "Hamburger cake" and "French fries" (sugar cookies) for him.It was a lot of fun making and I have to say it tasted pretty good too.
After lunch we had cake and then openend birthday presents. I had them all sit by the pool and had Jesse open the presents. After that some kids had to go home and some of us got back in the pool. Poor little Josiah was so tired and actually fell asleep on Mrs. Sarah's lap and when we got home we found out he had a fever. Poor little guy but no worries- he is all better now!
I just want to thank everyone for coming to celebrate Jesse's 5th birthday! We had a lot of fun and I am thankful for all of you coming. Jason, thank you for bringing Caroline and Jackson to the party. I know they were tired but it meant a lot to Jesse. He was very excited that Caroline was there too!

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