Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jesse's last day in 4k

Friday was Jesse's last day in 4k and they celebrated it by having a Popsicle party. It started at 1:30 so Terry got to come too. Jesse looked so proud to have his daddy there. We all "congregated" in the court yard. All the kids got a Popsicle (including the sibling) and when they were done they got to blow bubbles. Josiah liked being there because he got to run around with the big kids and he also got a Popsicle (what a mess...)!
After all the kids were cleaned up they lined up and they all (including the parents) marched back to the class room where they did their closing routine with singing and dancing (Jesse how ever pretty much stood there I think he was embarrassed). Although there was one song that he actually did do some of the motions and sang the words. But when he saw me looking at him, he would stop.
I just want to thank both Mrs. Ward & Mrs. McMurphy for loving our Jester and teaching him all the things he needs to know for 5k. I know he is ready. Thank you! We hope that Josiah will be able to be in your class in a couple of years:)

Last year when Riley had her popsicle party, Terry took a picture of Jesse in the court yard with this little statue. So this year, he took the same picture with Josiah. I just had to put them together. Very cute:)

Sunday, May 24, 2009


For the past few days now the weather has been pretty depressing. Don't get me wrong, we need the rain and I like the rain but when you have four children & a DOG inside the house it gets a bit crazy. So this afternoon we sent everybody outside to play. I had talked to my neighbor Marlene on Friday about maybe grilling out with her family since they were in town- but did not think about the forecast. But God was good to us. He kept the rain away until after we were done with dinner and started cleaning up. It was nice.
While Terry was preparing the grill/food Josiah was playing in the puddle of water that ALWAYS accumulates on the driveway when it rains. He had a blast. I took his socks off first and rolled his pants up but that didn't last too long so I decided to go ahead and take all his clothes off and let him go crazy in his diaper. He had so much fun. Oh, to be that young again. (do I sound old or what?) My kids LOVE Mr. Tony and Mrs. Marlene. They have a blast with them. We hope to have dinner with them more often- especially now that the weather is getting warmer. Mr. Tony started pushing Josiah on Riley's bike. Josiah of course loved it.
So when Riley wanted to get back on her bike, I had to be the bad guy and take him off. He did not like it. Luckily Mr. Tony was sitting right next to me and I handed him right over to him and this is the sad look we got from him (Josiah that is-not Tony although he looks pretty sad too.):
Thanks guys for coming over and having dinner with us. It was fun:) I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

Thank you everyone!

I just wanted to thank everyone for a great day I had yesterday.Yes, it was my birthday. I celebrated my 36th birthday. I can't believe it. We had a good time though. Joel was invited to a sleep over on Friday night at a friends house so he was not there on Saturday morning. Jesse was invited to a birthday party on Saturday morning so we all went over there. We all had a blast. It was a cowboy birthday. They went on a hay ride and had "cowboy games". Really cool stuff. I forgot to take my camera but Sarah took lots of pictures so if she sends them to me I will post them.

While we were at the party, Joel called me to wish me a happy birthday. I have to say, that just made my day:) After the party we went home and Opa & Oma were waiting for us on the drive way. They brought a cake and a card with some money for me:) I hope to buy something nice with it. There are lots of things I "want". I might buy me a nice office chair for my desk down stairs. But we will see.

After nap we were invited to have dinner at our friends Jody and Melia. That was really nice too. We hung out for a while and Terry helped Jody put up a ceiling fan. He did a great job:) While we were there Terry gave me my birthday present. He did good! He got me the Cricut Design Studio. I am so excited. For those of you who don't know what a "cricut" is...check out www.cricut.com It is great for scrapbooking/card making/paper crafts. I have had a lot of fun with it.

So, thanks again for all the phone calls and messages on facebook. I felt very loved and I had a wonderful day.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fieldtrip with the Rogers' Day Care

One of our neighbors in our cul de sac is a truck driver. And on Monday afternoon he came home with his big truck. So I knew that the boys would just LOVE to see the inside of the truck. So while the kids were playing in the back yard, I went over to his house and asked if I could bring the "Rogers' Daycare" over for a field trip in his truck and can you believe it, he said Yes!
They had so much fun-especially when Mr. Tony let them honk the BIG horn. Oh my, that is loud. They also got to lay in the back of the truck where his bed is. It is amazing how big it is back there. Josiah on the other hand just liked sitting at the wheel.
Thanks Mr. Tony for letting them look inside your truck. I have to tell you, Terry was dissapointed he missed it. Now he really wants to go on a field trip too!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy (early) Birthday (to myself)

Ok, so I know that my birthday is still a week away but my very nice neighbor-Tammy "kidnapped" me this afternoon. She would not tell me where she was taking me. Terry stayed home with the kids and Lilli while we went off. I had a bit of an idea because right before we left she told me "oh, by the way- you might want to wear flip flops". Yes, I got my very first pedicure EVER and also a manicure (which I guess I have had done back in high school). I have to tell you- I was a bit worried about the pedicure because I DO NOT like people to touch my feet. But I have to tell you- it was WONDERFUL!!! It was so nice to be pampered. She took me to this place called Hair Visions Salon & Spa. It is in Irmo-120 Hunter Village Dr. I guess they have a website: http://www.hairvisions-salon.com/ I definitely recommend them. It is a beautiful place. They have ALL kinds of stuff there that you can get done. Facials; Masks; Peels; Facial waxing's; "other" waxing's; Treatment for hands. Really cool stuff. I would come back (if I had money). But that will probably be a while. We will see.

Thanks Tammy for this wonderful gift. I thank you for it and your friendship. God was kind to the both of us (I hope) when he made us neighbors.