Friday, August 13, 2010

You Get What You Pay For....

and let me tell you...its NOT cheap!!! This summer our generous neighbors gave Joel a job-to dog sit their dogs while they were gone. He got to do it a few times this summer and made some good money. He immediately knew what he wanted to buy with it. So the day after he got paid we searched all over Lexington for the REPUBLIC ATTACK GUNSHIP! We went to two different Targets and one Wal-Mart but non of them had it. Then our smart little RiRi said: "What about Toys R Us?? So we drove over there and guess what...there were only 2 left!! He was SO excited. And I have to say, the other 3 were just as excited for him. It was very cute to see that. A few weeks before he got it he actually took a pole in our family to see how long we thought it would take him to build it. I think the majority of the Rogers family thought it would take him between 3 or 4 hours. But it took him a bit longer...10 hours to be excact. But he did it in two days. He started out down stairs in the play room on mommy's craft table.(See Pictures Below)
Here is his very FIRST piece completed!

All the people that came with it!
Then on Sunday after church we went over to Oma's to spend the night. So he decided he wanted to take it with him. I was a bit scared about that because I didn't want him to lose any of the pieces. But he said he wanted to do that. So when we got to her house he got himself settled in the kitchen and stared building some more until dinner time and then he stopped for the night...

We told him Sunday night that he would be able to go down stairs at 7am on Monday morning to start building again. I think he said he woke up at 6am and just laid there waiting for 7am! But he finished it in an hour. He was SO happy.

The final result!

Now lets hope no little hands will touch this.That would be bad!!!


Anonymous said...

That is SO cool. Joel is turning out to be quite the determined individual.

ruth said...

Amazing..a budding Engineer! Now the question is what is the next challenge!:)