Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Meeting!!!

This past Monday Terry had to take my mom to get some stuff done so we invited her and Max over to our house. We thought it would be nice for her to get out and have dinner with us in the evening and then Terry would take her home at night. So because she would be out of the house the entire day we thought it would be nice for her to bring Max and let him be introduced to Nellie. When we first got to our house we just left Nellie outside and let Max get acquainted with the house and be free for a while. After Mom and Terry got back from their errands we decided that if we were going to get them together now would be a good time. So we took Max to the front yard and Terry got Nellie on her leash and brought her to the front. I have to say, I really thought she was going to be all over him. But she did really well. She let Max sniff her and lick her. She was really calm. They got to be friends really fast.

So after a little while we decided to bring them in. We made Nellie get in her bed (and she actually stayed) while we let Max of his leash. And he just could not leave her alone. He was all over her. He loved her bed too. And to my surprise Nellie didn't mind him being in it either. He would lay next to her in the bed.

So after a while we decided to "seperate" them in their own corners. Nellie in her bed (if you look close she has her TOE in her bed) and Max on his leash next to the love seat with mom. They could not get enough of each other. It was very cute! I hope they get to be "best friends".

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