Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bath Tub Buddies.

This past Wednesday we got to watch Alina at night so her mom and dad got to go on a date to celebrate their anniversary. She came over around 6pm and ate dinner with us. After dinner I had to give Josiah a bath and I thought it would be fun for him to take a bath with Alina. They had so much fun. I think I got some great pictures of them. Enjoy.

"Look Alina, this is how you do this".
"Ok Josiah, its time for another kiss".

Beautiful Girl!

Look at those blue eyes!!


After Bath time, I set her down on the couch with her milk and Riley read them a story. I think they all enjoyed that time together. Riley loves having Alina over. Its her little "adoptive" sister.

After story time it was time to pray and then bed time. I put Alina in Riley's bed for a minute and they had so much fun. Typical girls giggling:) Too cute. Riley would have loved to have had her in her room with her. Maybe next time.

Snuggy loves her Lilla.

The next morning Alina was over again because her mom had to go back to work. So Riley and Alina pretty much started playing where they left off the night before except this time it was on the living room floor.

Such pretty girls.

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Jess said...

aw, they are so precious! I know you must be such a blessing for the Liles! Its awesome that alina can play with both of them and have so much fun. The kids are growing up too fast!!!