Monday, August 2, 2010

Becoming a member & Lake Day at the Brewer's.

Yesterday was a big day for the Rogers, especially Joel. He joined the church. Terry and Joel took a class at church which was about a month long to see if he was ready. He went before the session (actually just one of them) and talked to him. So yesterday he got to stand in front of the entire church to become a member. Terry and I are very happy for him. He was very excited...when we were leaving the house to go to church he said "I am becoming a member today, Mom"!! Another neat thing about this is that he got to do it with some of his very close friends. Most of them he has known since birth. Philip and Joel have been close friends since they were in diapers. Noah and Joel have been friends for a little less then 3 years now. But I am so glad they are friends:) It was very neat.

All the kids that became members

Riley and Jackson.

Jesse & Caroline (Husband and wife one day???)

The flowers that were bought for this special occasion.

Josiah with his "listening ears" on.

"Listen to God and Talk to God" what the ears say.

At Ted and Sarah Brewer's house.

Joel & Burton in the "TUBE"

Josiah and Daddy in the "TUBE"

Burton & Joel. "That was AWESOME"!!!

JoJo LOVED it!!

Jesse didn't want to do the "TUBE". He liked the boat better:)

Riley & Mommy's turn.

This is what happens after a very busy day.

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Brantley said...

How wonderful, we are so proud of Joel, as I know you are!