Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Aunt Merry and Jesse holding hands. I just love this picture.

This weekend we went up to McConnells, South Carolina to visit Terry's sister Merry. We had not seen her in a while and had a wonderful time. We went to York where they were having a Summerfest/Car show. They kids had so much fun, and as surprising as it may sound...I had a really good time. You cars...there really not all that much fun. But they really had some beauties there:) The kids had a blast too.
Thanks Merry for inviting us over. We really did have a wonderful time!!!

I had to get a picture of the BIG gun!!

Just thought these two pictures (the one below too) would be cool:)

I don't remember this car being so small but with them two in front of it...it looks really small!

Ok, so is it just me or does this picture look like a "my first car"picture? NO, I have 6 more years or so before that happens right???

Daddy's favorite car!

You think they love their aunt Merry???

I LOVE this picture!

They also got their face/arm painted.

Jesse is so smart...he got the guy to put it on his arm so HE could look at it too!!

Since Joel is too big to get his face painted...he got to climb the rock wall.
He made it ALL THE WAY to the top. You ROCK Joel:)

The petting zoo.

On the way back to the car.
Jesse LOVES his aunt Merry!!

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Kim Gamble said...

Pauline, those pictures are great! I love the Holland t-shirts also. Have a great rest of your week!