Friday, August 14, 2009

Rogers Zoo Trip

What a great day we had today. We were supposed to go to the zoo with my parents on Thursday but we woke up to a very soggy day. So we had to postpone our trip. So this morning we woke up to a sunny day and decided today would be a good day to go before daddy has to go back to work and the kids go back to school. So we met my parents at the gate and were ready for some FUN!. They actually were not able to stay long because they are trying to get ready for their trip to Canada in October and have some shopping to do. So they left and we went on. I have to say, it was hot but not as hot as it usually is in August here in Good Old Columbia, SC.
And I think the animals liked it too. A lot of them were walking around and doing stuff animals do. The brown bears were playing together; the elephants were walking around and the big tortoises were also on the move. They even got to touch a real snake. There was a zoo keeper in front of the "aquarium" holding some kind of snake and they all got to touch it. Even Josiah did it. The kids had a blast, especially Josiah. He especially liked the penguins. He was walking around saying "Penguins, just like my Penguin". (Daddy and Josiah have a game they play right before bed where Terry throws the Penguin to Josiah in his bed and Josiah throws it back. They have a blast playing that game). I think the kids sat on every statue there is in the zoo (as you can tell in the pictures). After about 2 1/2 hours of walking around the zoo we decided it was time to go. (I think we pretty much saw everything anyway). Mom & Dad had given us some money to take the kids out to lunch. We were going to go to CICI's pizza in Irmo but when we got there, I think two daycare buses were unloading and we really did not want to deal with that. So we drove around Irmo a little while to see where we wanted to go and ended up driving back to Lexington and eat at Carolina Wings. The kids loved that because there were TVs every where. The nice thing was, we missed lunch hour so it was nice and quiet. The kids enjoyed their food. I did too, but I think I like D's Wings better.
Thanks again Opa & Oma for a nice day. Maybe next time you guys can go with us:)
Enjoy the pictures everyone.


ThroughAMothersEye said...

What a fun day! No matter how many times we do the zoo the girls always have fun!

Billie said...

Love the pictures looks like you had an awesome day. Glad you got to spend some of it with your parents and I'm sure the kids loved having the grandparents around.