Friday, August 28, 2009

The Chase is on!!!

So this afternoon Josiah, Nellie and I went outside to get some energy out of Nellie. While we were out there, Josiah was looking for his little yellow shovel- with his batman mask on of course! He looked ALL over the yard and FINALLY he found it. He was so excited! "Mommy, Mommy, found my shovel". "Good Job, JoJo"! Well, you can imagine what happened next... Nellie stole the shovel. I have to say, it was pretty funny to watch the two of them. He kept running after her going: "Drop it Nellie". "Nellie, Drop it"! "NELLIEEEEEE". Sad to say, Nellie won! She is so fast I could not get that shovel out of her mouth. I think at the end Josiah just decided he was going to let Nellie have it instead of chasing her around the yard. It was too hot and too muggy! And of course the mosquitoes were getting him too. So at that point we went back inside. Have I told you I am looking forward to the FALL and cooler weather.

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Mari Fontana said...

nellie, nellie, nellie!
poor jojo!