Saturday, August 8, 2009

Another one bites the dust!!!

Yes, this is number 3! They are all falling out like flies:) We really tried to get her to pull that tooth but for some reason she is so scared to pull it herself. So finally Terry told her she had to choose,"either you pull it or I pull it". It took her a minute to think about and finally she said (very quietly), "Ok you do it". And he did. If you look at her mouth, it looks like she has only lost two teeth. That actually worries me a bit- does this mean her mouth is too small and we have to pull a bunsh of teeth like we had to do with Joel? I don't know, I guess I need to take her to the dentist.
I have a feeling this will be it for a while for her although Jesse's bottom two teeth are now lose too. So I think he will be the next one. We will see how he does with pulling his own teeth. Joel told me the other day, "I wish I had a lose tooth. I love pulling them"!

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