Saturday, August 8, 2009

Count Down To Kindergarten.

Jesse got to be part of the same program Riley was part of last year, which is called "Count Down To Kindergarten". Let me tell you, it is a wonderful program. His teacher, Mrs. Walsh came over to the house each Thursday of the month of July and worked with him. They did all kinds of things like reading books; recognizing letters; writing in his journal; doing a puzzle and LOTS more. It is a state wide program and I think RBE has a certain amount of kids able to do it. Well, Jesse was part of it. He loved it. He loved that Mrs. Walsh would come to our house and work with HIM. He remembered Riley doing it last year and wanted to do it.
So yesterday was the "end of the year party" at EdVenture. You can get in for free and they had all kids of vendors there giving "stuff" away. The kids had a blast. Last year they actually had food there but this year they did not. But it was still a lot of fun. Josiah had a blast too. Although he was not too fond of the characters walking around. He especially did not like "Eddy" in the big room. For those of you who have never been there, Eddy is a big "boy" in the middle of the museum and the kids can climb on him and see what the body looks like on the inside. It is a lot of fun. But for little kids, it is really scary. It took me a minute to figure out why he did not want to go any further. He kept saying "Mommy, this way". I finally figured out he was scared to death of Eddy. He just held on to my arm and started shaking. So Terry took Joel, Riley and Jesse up while Josiah and I just waited until they were done. He did like the fire truck and the beatle they have. He climbed in there and had lots of fun. He also got to sit in a real school bus. He is really getting to be a big boy.
Look at Joel trying to eat "the pig".
Josiah wants to get away from Eddy.
This is "Eddy".
Inside "Eddy's" head.
Say "Cheese" (if you dare)!
Another funny face by Joel Rogers.
Playing at the Piggly Wiggly store with the Pig (He was funny).


Erika said...

wow, how cool for Jesse!!!! Sounds like everyone got to have fun at the final party!!!!!

The Cruickshanks Family said...

I am so glad they got to participate in the program. I was a teacher for First Steps two summers ago and did Count Down to Kindergarten for Laurens County students. I think that it is a wonderful program that we as a state need to expand to all upcoming kindergartners. I am glad that you and the kids had a good experience with the program.