Thursday, April 30, 2009

Water Fun.

It seems like I have been away from home all morning long so when Josiah and I got home this afternoon I needed to take Nellie to the back yard to do her "business" and let her run around so she can get some energy out. Well, while we were out there I thought it would be kind of fun to turn the water on and see what Nellie would do. Well, only because I got her from a good friend of ours I believe she is a labrador but you would never had thought she was if you saw her in the yard today. She did not want anything to do with that water. She kept running away from it. I am planning to get her a little "kiddy" pool pretty soon and see how she likes that. I am pretty sure she will "grow" to like it. On the other hand, Josiah had a BLAST! He grabbed the hose and had fun spraying himself. It was fun to see:) He did get pretty cold after a while and we went in for a nice warm bath. We had fun though:) I am looking forward to seeing how he will do in Mrs. Flo's pool this year:) We are hoping to maybe go next week for the first time. I can't wait and the kids can't either. I made the mistake to tell them that Mr. Joe and Mrs. Flo's pool is open and they have been asking all week long. I told them that we will plan to go next week sometime. When we do, I will take pictures and post them.


Mari Fontana said...


Erika said...

let me know when you go to the pool, we wanna come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tirzah said...

man, I miss that little guy.

Toni said...

Aw, adorable photos!