Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What is wrong with these pictures?

...the boy in the bed and the puppy in the chair. I think the Thomas chair has been "officially" taken over by Nellie. She loves to sleep in it. I am thinking she is so little she probably feels very secure in it. And the bed is so big she will need to grow into it. Although she has started laying in it a little bit.
This afternoon I decided we needed to go play in the yard a bit. Josiah LOVES to play in the yard and I was feeling a bit "grumpy" so thought it would do us some good. The kids (including Lilli) were playing hide and seek while Josiah was finding rocks (learned that from his big brother) and Nellie was running after a ball and chewing on sticks. It was works great because now she is fast asleep in the closet upstairs. I am still trying to figure out how to "leash train" her because she really does not like it. My friend Callie told me that when her puppy was this little she let him walk around the house with the leash for about a week or so and this way he gets used to it. So I think that is what I am going to be trying with her today. I just feel so bad when I have to talk her because I just have to pull every where. I guess pretty soon she will be pulling us every where though. So... if you have any suggestions on puppy training, please email me or leave a message. I would greatly appreciate it (and so will Nellie, I am sure).
She is doing great though. For the past two days now she has slept all night without whining or crying or for me to have to take her out in the middle of the night. So that is wonderful. I just hope house training will be that easy too.

Yesterday was Riley's birthday party. What a day to have it. It was FREEZING!! You would think April would be pretty warm in the south. But "Oh my goodness", I think it was in the 30's or so (or at least it felt like it.). We went to the park and everybody brought their lunch and the kids had a blast. The girls were chasing the big boys and the big boys were chasing the girls. It was funny how the girls kept tattling but then started running after them again. We had some cake (thanks to Ms. Callie helping me make it) and opened presents and then RAN to the car to go home. I have never seen kids run to the car so fast when they were at a park. My friend Mari and her kids came over for a while to play. The kids had fun. Joel does not see Sal very much since he is homeschooled but they still love to play together. I think they played Leggos for about 4 hours together. I am so thankful that our kids like playing together. I really hope and pray that God will have a job for "daddy Sal" here in the Lexington/Columbia area. I would HATE for them to move.


Billie said...

You know our little dog Hailey did the same thing with Tara's princess chair. Way too cute. Hope your enjoying her. Missed you at the park today.

Justin & Raluca said...

I love the picture of Nellie in the chair,she is too cute!!