Saturday, April 11, 2009

Smiles,Sleepovers and more...

What a great Spring break the kids have had. Like I have mentioned before, Tuesday Riley had her very cold birthday party at the park. Then Thursday Joel and Riley got to got to Monkey Joe's with Mrs. Barbara Rogers from church. She had her 2 grand kids in town who are about the same age as Joel and Riley. So she invited them to go to Monkey Joe's with them. They had a blast. I wish I had some pictures but didn't think to have them bring a disposable camera. Oh well. After Monkey Joe's they went back to Mrs. Barbara's house for lunch. After that they got back into the car and got to go to the new McDonald's here in the town of Lexington for some ice cream and play time. They had such a good time. Mrs. Barbara said they got along so well and they were already talking about having a sleep over and playing together again when they are back in town.

Then yesterday Jesse got picked up by Bo & Tirsah Rhodes and they the boys to Monkey Business. They had a blast too.I played for a long time and then came back to our house for lunch after Mrs. Tirsah droped Bo off at their apartment. We had hot dogs and Mac & Cheese. Because the Rhodes family are moving back to Tennessee next week we thought it would be nice for Jesse and Jackson to have a sleepover together. So Jackson stayed over here and had dinner with us and then had a sleepover. Daddy made them a club house in the bedroom and they felt like such big boys. It was very cute. I am just so sad that they are moving. It is amazing how well Jackson and Jesse get along. It is kind of funny, because this is actually Jesse's first "boy" friend. He has all kinds of "girl" friends but now he finally has a little boy his own age to play with. The really neet thing is that they actually share a birthday too. We are going to miss them greatly. Maybe we can come and visit them sometime this summer.

Joel was invited to have a sleepover at Noah's house last night. So for dinner we had Jody and Malia over for dinner and when they left they took Joel with them. So, since the boys were having a sleepover I kind of felt bad for Riley so I invited her friend Samantha over. So she stayed and had a sleepover with Riley. It is just so funny to see the difference in boys and girls. The boys went straight to sleep (probably because they were SO tired). The girls however talked and giggled for about an hour. But they finally went to sleep around 10:30pm (I think.) So this morning for breakfast we had sticky buns and Mrs. Tirsah's specialty: Chocolate milk with whip cream. It was GOOD!!!

So, right now it is 11:30am and every body has been picked up or dropped off and things are back to normal (as normal can be). I believe a good time has been had by everybody!!!


Mari Fontana said...

She had a BLAST...she told me that her and Riley talked and giggled and that YOUR kids don't get in trouble for that...and that Riley sings in her bed EVERYNIGHT...I guess I'm a grump for not letting her sing in her bed at night. ;)

Tirzah said...

I just now had time to see this. What a great entry! Jack had a great time and we have been missing everybody. Yes, you are welcome anywhere we are.

Toni said...

What a precious post. So sorry your friends have to move away. We were the ones who had to move a few years ago and I prayed hard that God would bring new friends to us. He answered that prayer so very faithfully. And I'm laughing at Mari's comment. Too funny.