Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy (early) Birthday (to myself)

Ok, so I know that my birthday is still a week away but my very nice neighbor-Tammy "kidnapped" me this afternoon. She would not tell me where she was taking me. Terry stayed home with the kids and Lilli while we went off. I had a bit of an idea because right before we left she told me "oh, by the way- you might want to wear flip flops". Yes, I got my very first pedicure EVER and also a manicure (which I guess I have had done back in high school). I have to tell you- I was a bit worried about the pedicure because I DO NOT like people to touch my feet. But I have to tell you- it was WONDERFUL!!! It was so nice to be pampered. She took me to this place called Hair Visions Salon & Spa. It is in Irmo-120 Hunter Village Dr. I guess they have a website: I definitely recommend them. It is a beautiful place. They have ALL kinds of stuff there that you can get done. Facials; Masks; Peels; Facial waxing's; "other" waxing's; Treatment for hands. Really cool stuff. I would come back (if I had money). But that will probably be a while. We will see.

Thanks Tammy for this wonderful gift. I thank you for it and your friendship. God was kind to the both of us (I hope) when he made us neighbors.



Billie said...

Happy Early Birthday. Sounds like you had an awesome time.

Justin & Raluca said...

I thought I noticed your nails painted today, and didn't think you usually did. I'm glad you had a good time:)

Justin & Raluca said...

How did you get your blog to have the 3 separate sections? Did you get it from cutest blog where it says 3 column template? just wondering, cause i really like it.