Thursday, April 2, 2009

Month in review (again)...

Sorry guys, but things have been a bit crazy on the Rogers front-busy with kids and some personal things. I am just going to add some pictures and try to explain below. Enjoy:)

Since Joel is in Cub scouts this year he got to go to his very first Pinewood Derby race. He was so excited. He did pretty good. I believe he got 3rd place. Although we thought that was great, he did not get to move up to the next race at the end of April. Oh well, he is a winner in our eyes:)
Another thing he got to do with the cub scouts a few weeks ago is FLY! Yes, I typed it right, he got to fly!!! There is this program called EAA (Young Eagles Program. The Chairman is Harrison Ford) where 7-17 year old kids get to go up in a plane and fly for about 15 to 20 minutes. And the great thing about it is totally FREE! Of course you have to sign your life away but hey, he had a BLAST!! He got to sit in the front with the pilot while two other little kids got to sit in the back. I have to say, Riley was a bit dissapointed that she did not get to go but we told her we will take her when she is 7. Check out their website at:

Here are just some of my favorite pictures I took this month. I love the one of Jesse laying down on the boat. I have also added my second diaper cake I did for somebody at my church. I think it came out pretty cute. Hopefully I will be able to do another one soon.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff, Pauline. You're right; that picture of Jesse is cool--natural looking.

-= Kerry =-

Mari Fontana said...

Love the pictures...And I'm jealous! I want to go flying!

Justin & Raluca said...

Great job on the diaper cake, you are really becoming a pro at this!