Friday, April 3, 2009

6 years ago (yesterday) one and only girl was born. I cannot believe it. She has grown up so much. This has been a big year for her. She got her ears pierced; started Kindergarten (and is almost done) and has learned a LOT! (Thank you Mrs. Walsh & Mrs. Joiner!!). And now she is 6 years old. She woke up yesterday morning and the first thing she said was "Mommy, I am 6 now". Everybody wished her a Happy birthday and off to school (after breakfast of course). I actually went inside with that day because I had made her some cupcakes for her class. When we walked in, Mrs. Watson (the principal) was standing right there and noticed all the cupcakes so she asked if it was her birthday and sang "happy birthday" to her right then and there. I am sure she was loving it.

Daddy came home a little earlier that day so we could give her her present(s). Daddy again, came home with a
bouquet of flowers for her. She felt so special. I think he might make that a yearly occasion. I just think that is really cute:)
She then got to open her gift from all of us. She was so excited!!!! Here are some of the pictures.
After opening the present we packed up and went to Chapin to have dinner with Opa & Oma. Of course she had to bring Kit. She even buckled her up in the seatbelt. Usually while we driving long ways (ok, so 45min is not that bad) we let them watch a movie in the van so we had to watch the American Girl movie "Kit Kittredge". When we got to Chapin, Opa and Oma had bought her a beautiful (and very good) cake and they also gave her a card with money in it. She was so excited! I think she is planning on buying another outfit for her American Girl doll. There is all kids of "Stuff" you can get.
Dinner was great and she got to play with Kit for a little while while the boys were playing with cars. They had a good time and so did Terry and I. We hope to do it again soon. Thanks Opa & Oma for having us over for dinner and helping celebrate Riley's birthday with us.


Mari Fontana said...

Happy Birthday Ri-Ri!!!

Erika said...

happy birthday RiRi-- WE love you!!! So glad you a super duper day!!!!!!