Thursday, September 25, 2008

Super Nanny, I need your help!!!!

WOW, what a day. Since today is Thursday, I had planned on going to another Roadrunner Tots program at the school my kids attend. We went last week and it was a lot of fun (after a long warm up from Jesse). So this week my friend Sheri met me at my house so she could come with us (she followed us with her car, which was a good thing-just keep reading). So while we were there, Jesse found his little game he was playing with last week and Josiah is walking around and having fun too. So the lady in charge asks if anybody is interested in doing an art project and Jesse says "ME, ME". So we go to the table and he works on this lamb picture, gluing cotton balls on it. We had a blast. Everything is going great. When he is done, he wants to do the other art project, which is coloring a heart with special glitter glue. Which is a great idea, except the tubes don't work well for adults let alone a 4 year old. So he was getting frustrated. He wanted me to help him with it but yet wanted to do it by himself. So we raising our voice a bit, but he still has control. Then he notices that there is a blue tube and wants to use that one. Well another little boy is working with it so we have to wait our turn. He is finally done with it and gives it to Jesse. Jesse tries again and gets even more frustrated. At this point, I am getting a bit antsy. I tell him to stop raising his voice and ask for help if he needs it. His voice gets louder! So, I take the tube from him (after about 2 or 3 more warnings) and put it back in the box. Well, he DID NOT like that at all. He throws himself out of his chair and trows his picture on the floor. I tried to talk to him some more, and gets even madder. So at this point parents are looking at me and kids are looking at him. So I decide to pick him up and take him outside to talk to him (we are in a portable so they have little steps). I take him outside and tell him he needs to dry his tears and fix his heart so we can go back in there and have fun. He totally ignores me. He puts his hands in his vest and still ignores me after I ask him to take his hands out of it. I then unzip his jacket and take it off and lay it next to us. Well, he picks it up and throws it down the stairs. At this point, I don't know what to do. He is totally out of control. So, I start thinking...what would Super Nanny do? I don't think she would want us to leave because then he gets his way (not wanting to participate)and also his little brother would miss out because of him. So I tell him to sit in one of the chairs in the class room and when he is done to come and join us in circle time. I get Josiah and sit with him in the circle. Well, you would have thought I took a piece of candy from him. He started screaming and yelling. All while the poor teacher is trying to do circle time and sing songs with the other kids. So after about 3 minutes of this, I went up to my friend Sheri and told her that I was going home. At this point he is yelling "I want to go home"!!! So I get all my stuff and the kids and we start walking to the van. Well, now he is walking behind me yelling "I don't want to go home". "I want to go to my class". And he is doing this ALL the way to the car. I don't say a word, get Josiah buckled in his car seat walk around the van put Jesse in the car seat and drive home. Again, all the way home he is yelling "I want to go to my class". I get home, take Josiah in side the house and get Jesse out of the van and take his strait to his room. Of course he is still yelling and screaming. I put him in his bed, take his shoes off and cover him up (still not saying anything); turning off the light and closing the door. WOW! I could not believe that. It was CRAZY. I think he still screamed for about 15 minutes. When he finally calmed down, I went in there and he was almost asleep I think. I asked him why he was in time out and he said, "because I didn't obey you , mommy". " I am sorry mommy, will you forgive me"? I could tell, he was sorry. I did tell him that because of this "episode" we are going to re-instate the nap when he comes home from school. I just think he is very tired. He gets up every day 7am (which usually he sleeps till 8am) and then we also dropped his 2 hour nap. That is a lot for a little boy. So, we will see how the next few days will go. Hopefully better. Oh, you think I am done???? NO my friend, there is MORE!!!
Joel had his very first cub scout meeting today. Well, it was not just the den meeting it was the entire pack meeting. Which is basically a "business meeting". They talk about stuff and hand out badges to kids. Well, that is pretty BORING to an 8 year old who thinks he will be learning and doing things. So when it was all done, we get back in the van we have another melt down. He was all upset that other kids are going to have patches but he doesn't. And he didn't like that the kids were looking at him like, "who are you?". He didn't know anybody,except his friend Philip.I told him that next week will be better because you will be doing things with his den. I don't think he is very sure yet. He kept crying and having a little pity party for himself in the van. So I told him he needed to get a hold of himself and stop the crying. Let me tell you, it was very hard for him. But he finally did. Honestly, he is so competitive that I think he will be catching up with all the other kids very soon.
So, that was my Thursday. I am SO thankful tomorrow is Friday. And there is no school. So I get to sleep in (hopefully). I hope we will have a nice day, no screaming, yelling or other unhappy occasions.
Have a great weekend, everybody:)
Hope you don't feel like this:

'cause I sure felt like this tonight!


Sheri said...

I'm so sorry that you had a tough day! I think that children just have their days sometimes. I certainly think Wes has taught me that! Tonight we baked cookies together as a family and it was just nice activity where we were just enjoying each other and being silly. Try and just have a lazy day tomorrow enjoying each others company!! :) Hope Friday goes better! :)

Mari Fontana said...

LOL...Thanks for the laugh! I needed it...Just think at one time you were that child making your mom crazy!!! Remember Jesus said..."Take heart you will have trouble in this world, but I have overcome this world." He is good and will help you decide the best way to train your children for Him...forget supernanny!! She don't know nothin'.

Mari Fontana said...

Hey I tagged you on my blog!

Erika said...

Gotta love those days!!! I love you Girlie!!!!!!!