Sunday, September 28, 2008

I've been Tagged!

So, my dear friend Mari has tagged me for the first time in my blogging carreer (Thanks Mari.)Which means, I have to tell you all 6 random things about me. Let me tell you, this is harder then you think. But I'll give it my best shot. Here goes nothing.
1. I can't STAND it for people to touch my feet. I guess I am very ticklish on my feet.
2. I am training (or should I say "was trying")to run a 5k. I started early summer but then it got too hot. So I am hoping to get back very soon. I think it would be very cool to be able to say "I ran a 5k" and then who knows where it will go:)
3. I LOVE Mexican food. My husband on the other hand... I can't say "he doesn't like it". But I guess he doesn't like to go eat at a Mexican restaurant. He always says "I never know what to order and then when I do order something it is ALWAYS something different then I thought it was". So girls, anytime you want to go for Mexican- let me know. I am always in for a run to Moe's or San Jose's.
4. I would LOVE to open my own bakery one day. It would have home made breads; desserts and maybe even birthday/wedding cakes. This would probably be more of a dream of mine. I am not much of a business woman so I don't know if that would work out for me.
5. I would love to take my family back to Holland. I would love to show them where I grew up and where I went to school, etc. But having 6 people in my family I am not sure that would be happening any time soon. Unless I win the lottery but that is kind of hard since we don't play the lottery. But God is good, and he might surprise me.
6. I love watching Ghost Hunters. My neighbor/friend has introduced me to it and we like to get together every Wednesday Night and watch it together. We have a lot of fun!
So, that's it. Now I have to Tag people so here is goes. Sheri, Erika and Crissy, now you have been officially tagged. Good luck and have fun:)


Mari Fontana said...

Too fun. I'd love to take the kids to Brazil to meet my family too....but like you it is not in the near future.

colorfulwoman said...

Hey Pauline:) Florida went well, thanks for asking, I am also feeling better.
I have the books and I will be home tom. (Friday) if you want to stop by. Thanks!

The Cruickshanks Family said...

OK--I am working on the tag thing. Not sure exactly what I am going to put. I am not able to get to Joel's blog. Thinking about a b-day party Dec. 6th. Does it sound good? I know Joel's is then. Let me know. I would love to see you guys.

Maria said...

ticklish feet? Must run in the Hahlen family as Marc dislikes... can I bold & capitalize that word? ~ EXTREMELY Dislikes his feet being touched. He is SOOOO ticklish, it's so funny! =) Maria