Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My little "Bear".

Wow, another big milestone in Joel's life is starting tomorrow. He will be going to his very first Cub scout meeting. As you can imagine, he is very excited. And another thing he is very excited about is that he is doing it together with his best friend since birth, Philip.
Yesterday we went to the Boyscout store and got him his official uniform. Which really means his shirt, cap, belt and 3 patches that I have to sew on. But lucky me, they have these things now that you can use instead of sewing. It is kind of like glue for the patches. I am very happy about that. Since my sister is all the way in Alabama and I am VERY bad at sewing. So I think this is going to help me greatly.

So, here is my little cub scout. Isn't he handsome? He is looking forward to it-greatly:)
I guess now we have to prepare for lots of camping trips and things like that. I think we are going to like it.
"Joel's Number One!!!

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Mari Fontana said...

Too cute...Sal wanted to be a scout...but with daddy in school it just hasn't happened.