Thursday, September 18, 2008

The day in the life of the Rogers kids.

I have been taking some pictures of the kids lately-especially Josiah now that he is walking. And I wanted to share them with you all. Enjoy:)

Happy JoJo... Not so happy JoJo (can you say "Tantrum")

Walking Ty. He loves that dog.

I am ready daddy. Josiah's favorite spot on the stairs.


Ok, so for those of you who don't know. Daddy and Joel (and I guess Jesse now too) are big Gamecock fans. Because of this Riley has decided that she is going to be a Clemson fan. Daddy has told Riley that if she is going to be a Clemson Cheerleader one day, he will come to her games and he will even wear a Clemson shirt. Well, as you can imagine she is loving this. So she teases Joel and tells him that he has to come to her games and he has to wear a Clemson shirt too.That usually does not go over well. So the other day I was at the Grocery store and they were selling all kinds of Gamecock & Clemson stuff and I found a toothbrush. I just had to get it. She was so excited when I gave it to her. She kept showing it off to Joel.
Then the other day they were eating breakfast and Daddy had gotten the Colleg Football poptarts and guess what Riley got: The Clemson one. She even saved it so she could eat it the next day. She was so excited. We have yet to find a Gamecock one.
And finally, for school she needed an old oversized tshirt for Art and we really didn't have one. So we were looking around, and guess what she found, you got it: a Clemson tshirt. If she keeps this up when she is older, life is not going to be pretty when the Gamecocks play Clemson in the Rogers household. I might have to leave for the day.


Sheri said...

That is so funny! At our house Austin and I are the Miami fans and Dad and Wes are the Michigan fans. Our teams never play each other unfortunately! The rivalry is fun none the less. We argue about which one is the real UM since the initials are the same! :)

Mari Fontana said...

Way too little girl will root for whomever daddy is rooting for!

Maria said...

That is hilarious... you're the enabler aren't you? =) we would love to be there when the games are on... this is very fun to read... xo's.. Maria & Marc