Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

I hope everybody had a very Merry Christmas and I pray for a happy and healthy 2008. Ours started out a bit rough. Both Riley & Jesse got the stomach flu on Christmas night. Around 7:30pm Riley got sick and then about 30 minutes later Jesse got sick. And we had to deal with that for the next 8 hours or so. It was no fun. I was just thankful that this happened at 7:30pm on Christmas day and not at 7:30AM on Christmas day. Luckily this was only a 24 hour bug but the next day Josiah and I got it. Although for Josiah it lasted a bit longer. Yesterday was really the first day of having a good day and eating well.

Our Christmas was a lot of fun. We started out on Christmas Eve by decorating the cookies we made the weekend before. We invited Lilli back over to our house and she helped us decorate. It was a lot of fun. They kept saying "this is so much fun mommy"; "Thank you mommy for doing this". I think we are going to make this an annual event.

The next day, the kids got up around 8am and stayed upstairs with a lot of "Can we go downstairs now???" while we fed Josiah. After we were done feeding him his bottle, we all went down stairs and got ready to open presents. They had so much fun. We left the "special group gift for last". We gave them each a present that was part of the gift. Joel opened his and said "A Wii remote, why do I have a Wii remote? I don't understand?" So at that point I gave him the big box and he opened it, and he was so excited "WE HAVE A WII, WE HAVE A WII. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, WE HAVE A WII". He was so excited, I have to say, the other kids were too, but he took the cake. So after we ate breakfast and got dressed for the day, Terry had to set up the WII so we could all play it. It is so much fun. I wish everybody could see Jesse box, he is amazing. The other day he was playing with one of our friends and he kept winning. I think they played 3 different rounds in boxing and he won all three of them.

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Mari Fontana said...

I am glad that Christmas was nice for you guys....Happy new year. Sorry to hear you had to deal with the stomach bug too!!! yuck!
see ya soon hopefully.