Friday, January 25, 2008

OOPS, I forgot!!

Wednesday January 16th we had SNOW. Yes, it actually snowed in Lexington, SC. It was so nice. We had just gotten home from church and it wasn't even raining. So I had given up on it. So we got the kids ready for bed and said our prayers. While they were in bed, my neighbor calls me and tells me she is outside on her front porch watching the snow fall. So, the kids ran outside (in their pj's) and were so excited. So we let them run around for a little bit and then told them to get back to bed. Well, that did not go over very well.

As you can tell, they were pretty upset that they were not able to stay up. After they had gone to bed, Terry and I were still outside for a while and at that point it really started coming down. So we decided to get the kids out of bed and let them play for a little while in the snow-since this only happens once every 4 years or so:) Enjoy the pictures.

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Mari Fontana said...

Great pictures!!! Fun memories...what a wonderful time in life. Miss you. We need to try and get together.....