Friday, January 25, 2008

Its the weekend!

Wow, finally! I really didn't think I was going to make it. It has been crazy over here. I feel like we have had sick children in the house since Christmas Day. At my last post I mentioned that Riley was sick with a fever, that following Sunday I was getting Jesse dressed for church and noticed he was pretty hot. I took his temperature and sure enough, he was sick. Then 4 days later Joel got it. Now last week Saturday we were at my friend Sheri's house for her son Austin's birthday and Jesse started complaining of his ear hurting. So I ran home and got some ear drops I had to numb the pain and that worked great. The next day he didn't say a thing about his ear hurting. Then the night from Sunday to Monday he woke up screaming. So, Monday first thing I did was make an appointment. Guess what, he has a double ear infection. Are things ever going to get better? I hope so. He has been on antibiotics now since Monday but he still doesn't seem himself. I took his temperature earlier this morning and it was still 99.1 I know that is not very high but it is not his regular temperature. So we will wait and see. So, as you can imagine, life at the Roger's house has been pretty slow. They have been watching lots of movies lately. Hopefully we will all get better soon.

Yesterday was a big day for Joel and Riley... REPORT CARDS! Joel did awesome. He got all A's again. He is on the "Principal list" second time around. I am so proud of him. I guess it really means a lot to me that he is on this list because I have never been on it myself. Riley got her report card too, I can't believe they actually get them in 4-K. She did great too. There are no A's and B's of course but she did get S's and Checks. She is doing great. Her teacher said that she is very happy with Riley and where she is. I am so proud of her. She loves school. She has made a little friend. Her name is Nikki and they talk about each other all the time. Yesterday I ran into her mom at school and she said that Nikki had been talking about Riley all morning long. I think Nikki is going to try to come over for a play date in a couple of weeks. I know that is going to be fun:)

Josiah has had a big week too. He got his first tooth last week. He is so cute. I think he is trying to get used to something being in his mouth. He keeps sticking out his tongue and feeling it. It is really cute to see. I have a feeling that tooth number 2 is getting ready to pop out too. He has been drooling like a maniac. Then since yesterday, he has been saying "BAA, BAA, BAA, BAA". It is so cute. He also repeats it if you ask him to say it. I have to say, he is pretty adorable. Terry and I were looking at pictures yesterday and said that we do think he looks different then everybody else. I can't wait to see what is going to happen.

Anyway, that is about it for now. Not much else. It is pretty quiet at the Roger's house tonight. Terry is at "Turtle Beach" (as Riley likes to call Myrtle Beach). He will be back sometime tomorrow night. And Joel is at a sleep over at a friends house. So, I only have 3 children at home tonight. Riley and Jesse were pretty sad that they didn't get to go to a sleep over so they are having their own sleep over in Jesse's room. They were very excited, they got their sleeping bags out and pillows and are sleeping on the floor in Jesse's room. How fun:)

I am hoping to add some pictures soon. I tried to put some on tonight but for some reason it was not working. I'll try again later. Thanks for listening to me rattling on.

Have a great weekend.
Living by grace,

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