Sunday, December 23, 2007

The "Rogers Christmas".

Today was our annual "Rogers Christmas". We went to Sherry & Stan's house in Clinton. The kids were so excited about going to see aunt Sherry & Uncle Stan. Another nice thing was that Uncle Kerry and Aunt Merry were there too. It doesn't really happen too often that we are all together.It is too bad that aunt Derry could not be there. Uncle Kerry got there around 12:30pm and we started lunch. After lunch was the BIG MOMENT-PRESENTS!!! The kids racked up. Joel got his 2nd Leggo computer game (Star Wars); Rock'Em Sock'Em game; Air hockey table; Soccer ball bank. Riley got a barbie dog that came with a purse and "veternarian supplies"- she loves that dog. She has been walking around all afternoon with it. She also got a dress up doll; Jesse got a VERY LOUD train (thanks Kerry); Go Diego go "cell phone"; some cool soap bubbles; and some great coloring books; Josiah got some great toys too. They had a blast. Jesse loves the "Rock'Em Sock'Em" game too. He kept asking Joel to play with him.

We are looking forward to Christmas. My parents went to Alabama to visitit my sister so it will just be us. We are planning to go to church Monday night and then hang out at our house on Christmas day and enjoy our presents. We are planning to go look at lights on Christmas night. We have done that in the past and kids love it. We will get them in their PJ's and ready for bed and then get in the car and look at lights. I hope they will remember these kind of things when they are grown. Another example of this is yesterday we invited our neighbor Lilli (5 yrs old) and we baked Christmas cookies (ALL DAY). We were planning to decorate them but had no time. So we are planning to get the decorating done tomorrow. I enjoy doing these things but it is also a LOT of work, especially with 5 kids. I had to really make myself not be so controlling. I set up a table in the living room with all my Christmas cookie cutters and then I rolled out the dough and let them pick out the cookie cutters and then cut them out while I put them on the baking sheets and then put them in the oven. They had so much fun. I know they are looking forward to decorating them.

God, thank you for my family. You have blessed me with a great husband and 4 wonderful children. I thank you for the Christmas season. Thank you for the birth of Christ and what He has done for me on the cross.


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It was GREAT fun! -Kerry-

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