Sunday, April 1, 2012

Strawberry Picking With Good Friends

Thursday morning, after Josiah got out of school we decided to meet up with Leigh and the boys and go strawberry picking. We met up at church, put Josiah's car seat in their van, and drove to Gilbert to pick strawberries. The boys have so much fun together:)
When we got there, we got a bucket and started picking. They are SO red, juicy and waiting to get picked. So Josiah had to have a little lesson on how to pick a strawberry...we DON'T pick the GREEN strawberries and we want BIG ones not little ones-like the one in the picture below:)

So he got the idea:)

The Three Musketeers!

Luke teaching his little brother on how to pick the correct strawberries.


Luke, Colt and Leigh

Our Loot!!!

We had so much fun. We could have spent all morning there but really all the strawberries would go to waste. Jesse and I are basically the only ones that eat them. Josiah was so cute. Since he does not like to eat them he kept saying he was picking strawberries for Jesse. He was so excited to bring a bag of strawberries to Jesse after school.
After we were done picking strawberries, we got to go over to Luke and Colt's house for lunch and a play date. They have all kinds of "COOL" toys over there so it was a lot of fun. They have a "Jeep" and a four-wheeler, so he got to work on his "driving" a little bit. He is not ready for his licence though...I wish I had my camera out there with me. He would drive the four-wheeler with one hand and have a water gun in the other hand....those two things don't work too well with a four year old. He kept running into our van's.
After we were done driving around on the drive way, we went into the back yard and had a little snack and played on their trampoline. I have to say, Josiah was pretty sad when it was time to go. But we are hoping to get together again this week. Thanks Leigh, it has been fun getting together and getting to know you:)

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