Thursday, April 26, 2012

Riley's Bake Shoppe

For Riley's 9th birthday party, she decided she wanted to do a cake decorating party. I had SO much fun working on it and getting it together. She invited about 8 girls. They all showed up except for one. I got them all little chefs hats and aprons (although they were a little small). But they liked them anyway. I used my cricut and put their names on their hats...
 and then we used cupcake liners to make little flowers to glue onto their chefs hats. They had so much fun making those, they decided to make one for their apron's too.

 After we decorated our hats/apron's it was time to decorate the cakes. I went ahead and make the cakes ahead of time so they would be cooled and frosted with a crumb coat. I made about 4 different colors for each girl to use.

I think they did a great job:) And I have to say, I LOVE the little banners I made for each child with their names on it. They put it on their cakes after they were done.

I found this AWESOME Pink-Raspberry Lemonade on line. It was SO good. I got ordered these cute retro straws from a Etsy shop and decorated the jars after this website.

And here is my new FAVORITE Chocolate Cake. Have I told you how much I love the Pioneer Woman???

After cake and ice cream we did presents. Riley got spoiled!!!
And of course I had to get pictures of Riley with each of the girls!

Lilli and Riley

Riley and Lauren

Riley and Ashlee

Riley and Samantha

Riley and Emma

Ashlynne and Riley

Samantha and Riley being silly

After everybody left, Samantha and Lauren stayed . We had planned for Samantha to stay for a sleepover and then we ended up having Lauren and Lilli stay for a sleepover too. 

At bed time, they went downstairs to the play room and got their "beds" together and watched "Bedtime Stories". They had a blast.

In the morning, we decided to stay home from church and terry went ahead and made breakfast (pancakes and sausage) for the girls.

I think (or hope) they all had a great time. 

I can't wait to see what we will be doing NEXT YEAR for her birthday!!!

This is the website where I got most of my ideas. I LOVE GOOGLE:)


Justin & Raluca said...

I love it, you did an awesome job as always:) Happy Birthday to Riley from us!

Brantley said...

What a great idea to have a cake decorating party!