Saturday, April 14, 2012

Gone Bowling...

So Friday was our last "official" day of Spring Break and I had to make it a good one. Thursday we stayed at home but the Fontana kids all came over to play, so that was a pretty good day for the kids. They got to play together and Mari and I got to work on a birthday party for Donovan. I think we got a lot done.
So today we decided to go bowling.They were so excited. We met Mrs. Stacey Strock and her son Jonathan there too. Jesse and Jonathan were in kindergarten together but now he is at a different school. I am not sure if they really remembered each other. But they had fun together anyway.

Go Mrs. Stacey!!!!

Another gutter ball!!!

Both Riley and Joel kept fighting over who was going to help Josiah. We have such little helpers:)

I guess this time around it was Joel's turn:)

I think you got it, Mrs. Stacey:)



I LOVE Jonathan's form..

Just throw it up in the air and it will hit something!!!

I love this little man:)

And these two also:)
 And this little girl:)

The Bowling Team

Our Final Scores. Jonathan and I were the BIG winners with 100 points!!!

Thanks Mrs.Strock and Jonathan for joining us. I hope we can do it again really soon.

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