Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gefeliciteerd Met Je Verjaardag, Riley!

Yes, our little girl turned 9 yesterday. She was so excited for her birthday to get here:)
She woke up and waited for everybody to wish her a happy birthday. She was especially excited that we decided to go ahead and give her present BEFORE school instead of after school.

This year she did not give me any ideas on what to get her. So she told us to "surprise" her. So we ended up getting her a charm bracelet. They are very cute. They are magnets that click onto the bracelet.

Because Terry had to teach a night class, he came home early and brought Riley her flowers for her birthday. She LOVES getting flowers from her daddy every year. I love that he does that :) I hope he will always do that for her!!

Because Terry wasn't going to be there for dinner I wanted to make her night a special night. So we invited our friend Callie over for a very fancy "Little Ceasars" pizza and I have to say a very AWESOME chocolate cake.

Callie got Riley a special bracelet. I guess this is the "Year Of The Bracelet" for Riley:)

I {heart} The Pioneer Woman!

 This is her AWESOME Chocolate Birthday Cake

After dinner, the kids wanted to show Ms. Callie how to play the "Just Dance" game on the WII. We don't actually have the game, but our neighbor Lilli does. So we borrowed it. Ms. Callie even joined in the fun:)

Jesse REALLY got into it. He was SO funny to watch!!!

We were all so happy that Callie got to come over and celebrate Riley's birthday!
 After dinner, The Fontana's got to come over for some cake. (They used to have a blog but...it hasn't been updated in a while. HINT HINT, Mari)!!! 

We LOVE the Fonatana kids. They each have their own Buddy:)

Samantha and Riley

Samual and Josiah
Samual came running into our house, found Josiah and gave him the biggest HUG:) They both were very happy to see each other!!!

 Thank you Mari, for taking this picture. I love it!!

 Here are the boys watching "The Backyardigans" together on the back of the love seat.

What a Diva!!!

Jesse wanted a picture with Sophia:)

Jesse and Donovan.

Of course Josiah also wanted a picture with Sophia.

Two beautiful Girls!

Friends since kindergarten. I love it!

Two very "tough" guys.
Maybe their not THAT tough!!!

 Riley and I would like to thank both Ms. Callie and the Fontana family to come and celebrate her birth with us yesterday. You guys are wonderful and I am so thankful for all of you. We love you ALL!!

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