Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jesse's last day in 4k

Friday was Jesse's last day in 4k and they celebrated it by having a Popsicle party. It started at 1:30 so Terry got to come too. Jesse looked so proud to have his daddy there. We all "congregated" in the court yard. All the kids got a Popsicle (including the sibling) and when they were done they got to blow bubbles. Josiah liked being there because he got to run around with the big kids and he also got a Popsicle (what a mess...)!
After all the kids were cleaned up they lined up and they all (including the parents) marched back to the class room where they did their closing routine with singing and dancing (Jesse how ever pretty much stood there I think he was embarrassed). Although there was one song that he actually did do some of the motions and sang the words. But when he saw me looking at him, he would stop.
I just want to thank both Mrs. Ward & Mrs. McMurphy for loving our Jester and teaching him all the things he needs to know for 5k. I know he is ready. Thank you! We hope that Josiah will be able to be in your class in a couple of years:)

Last year when Riley had her popsicle party, Terry took a picture of Jesse in the court yard with this little statue. So this year, he took the same picture with Josiah. I just had to put them together. Very cute:)

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Mari Fontana said...

YEAAAAHHHHHH End of School Party!!!! Bring on the summer!