Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fieldtrip with the Rogers' Day Care

One of our neighbors in our cul de sac is a truck driver. And on Monday afternoon he came home with his big truck. So I knew that the boys would just LOVE to see the inside of the truck. So while the kids were playing in the back yard, I went over to his house and asked if I could bring the "Rogers' Daycare" over for a field trip in his truck and can you believe it, he said Yes!
They had so much fun-especially when Mr. Tony let them honk the BIG horn. Oh my, that is loud. They also got to lay in the back of the truck where his bed is. It is amazing how big it is back there. Josiah on the other hand just liked sitting at the wheel.
Thanks Mr. Tony for letting them look inside your truck. I have to tell you, Terry was dissapointed he missed it. Now he really wants to go on a field trip too!!!


Erika said...

So COOL!!!!! Looks Like they had a blast!!!

Kinky said...

Way to go for a cool close field trip. I am all about the big trucks too. The more they exp. the world around them the better rounded thier world will be. Love you guys and really proud of you too. Smiling at you Jim

Billie said...

Looks like a lot of fun.

Mari Fontana said...

Cool...Happy Birthday tomorrow...I will be crazy busy and didn't want to miss saying it!
Have a wonderful day!