Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving...

Just wanted to wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving. We are getting ready to go to Alabama for the weekend, we will be back on Saturday. I am excited to be going, although my sister is sick with bronchitis. So please pray that we will not get it!

Last night Tammy came over to the house and we made our little Pilgrim Hats. We had so much fun. I made them for Joel and Riley's class. I actually went to Riley's class this afternoon and I have to say, they all loved them (I think).

Here are just some "other" pictures of the family:) Enjoy!
Josiah helping decorate the church.
"Just me and my Dad".

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Future Daughter-In-Law?

OK, so this is Caroline. Jesse has been telling me for the past two years or so that he is going to marry Caroline:) I love this picture, it was taken this past summer at our VBS. I just found it again and just had to share! They make a beautiful couple, don't you think?

Just the girls...

(L to R): Emily; Mari;Myself; Billie; Sheri.

I don't know if I have mentioned this before, I started this bible study with some friends a couple of months ago. We meet every Tuesday night at 7pm. Well, we finished the book last week. So last night for our meeting we decided to go out to dinner. We went to Olive Garden. It was so much fun:) We had a blast. I have to say, I was proud of myself because I remembered my camera. So after dinner we asked our waiter to take a picture of our table. The funny thing is, we go out as a group just to have some "away time" from our kids and what do we talk about the majority of the time???? our KIDS! God has blessed all of these ladies with some beautiful children and I guess each one of us can't stop talking about them. It was fun:) Here are some pictures that Mari took with the camera. She is a very sneaky lady, taking the camera from me so she is not in any of the pictures. I did end up taking one of her with Billie.
Thanks ladies for a great night:)

Myself and Sheri.

Billie & Mari

Just some pictures from dinner...

Last night while I was getting ready to go on a "girl's night out" (see post above), Terry was having dinner with the kids and decided to take some fun pictures. They were having a blast. I don't know what all they were doing, but they were loud! But wow, look at these beautiful faces! God has blessed me with a beautiful family.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


OK, so I know I am NOT pregnant but for some reason I want to organize. So I started with my pantry. I have been wanting to do it for so long. It is always such a mess and hard to find anything in it. I got my handy-dandy label maker out (which I LOVE) and started. I guess you can say, I went a little over board. But hey, it looks GREAT! See for yourself.

Josiah had fun. He got to throw all the trash away in the trash. That is his new thing. He loves to go to the kitchen (that is the only time he is allowed in the kitchen) and throw trash away. So when I was almost done, I think HE was about done too. While I was taking these pictures (standing on the chair) he was grabbing my legs going "mama, mama, mama", as you can see in the picture below:)
Here are some other pictures from the past couple of days. Yesterday, after I dropped Jesse off at school Josiah fell asleep in the car and he actually kept sleeping when I got him out of his car seat. So when I got inside, I layed him on the couch and he stayed there for about 15 minutes and then I decided to wake him up because other wise he would not have taken a nap later, when I REALLY wanted him to take a nap. I did take some great pictures of him though. It actually looks like he has his eyes open in some of the pictures.

In this next picture, he has found my keys (still in the door) and started pushing the button, locking my door. He loves doing that, because the van honks when it does that.

This actually got me in trouble last week. I was over at Mari's house picking something up. And her kids had climbed into my van (the doors were still open) while I was holding Josiah. Well, he was playing with my keys pushing the button. So after a few minutes I layed my keys in the driver seat, buckled Josiah in and closed the door. RIGHT when I closed it I noticed my keys in my seat....yes, you guessed it. I locked my child in the car. Luckily Donovan had given him a toy so he was a happy camper. So I had to call Terry and tell him to come to Mari's house and unlock the car. He was done with class so he got in the truck and came right over. Luckily the weather was nice and cool so I didn't have to worry about getting over heated. Wow, hopefully that will never happen again:)

"What just happened"?
He has this look of "Why am I in here all by myself"?
Yup, there are my keys. In the driver seat next to the poppy seeds.
Thanks Mari for taking the pictures!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rainy Weekend...

OK, so this weekend has been pretty dreary. On Friday it pretty much rained all day long. I have to say, it was really nice. Since Jesse was complaining of his belly hurting and just not being himself, I let him play the Wii by himself. Josiah was just walking around with his headphones. He was getting into everything, this is why he is walking around in diaper-he spilled my water all over him. Because it was raining so hard on Friday, I thought it was a perfect day to bake. It was actually my friend Mari's birthday that day, so I decided to make her a cake. It was actually a Chocolate Chip cookie. It is one of my favorite desserts especially with the chocolate/mocha frosting that I make with it. It was AWSOME! I think she enjoyed it. I know her kids did:) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARI!!! I hope you had a great day!

Marshmallow Pilgrim Hats and a sick child

OK, so today has been the laziest day ever. I don't think I have really done anything. The only think that I have done today is check out other people's blogs and I found this. I am thinking about making this with my kids for school or something. They are so cute. Here are the directions.

INGREDIENTS:24 chocolate-striped shortbread cookies
12-ounce package of chocolate chips
24 marshmallows
tube of yellow decorators' frosting
Set the chocolate-striped cookies stripes down on a wax-paper-covered tray, spacing them well apart.Melt the chocolate chips in a microwave or double boiler.One at a time, stick a wooden toothpick into a marshmallow, dip the marshmallow into the melted chocolate, and promptly center it atop a cookie.Using a second toothpick to lightly hold down the marshmallow, carefully pull out the first toothpick.Chill the hats until the chocolate sets, then pipe a yellow decorators' frosting buckle on the front of each hat.
I would think it is pretty easy. I'll have to try it out soon.
One reason why we have not done anything today is that Jesse is sick. I don't think he has been feeling too great lately. He has not really eaten anything for the past few days and then last night when I got him out of bed around11:30 to take him potty and threw up. I felt so bad for him. I thought it was interesting that he was still awake when I got him out of bed, but he took a really long nap yesterday so I didn't think anything of it. So when he was done in the bathroom (in our bedroom) he walked out, closed the door and started throwing up. Poor baby. He was so scared. Poor Terry, he was fast asleep! But he jumped right out of bed, I guess I didn't give him much of a choice Yelling "TERRY, JESSE IS THROWING UP"! He only did it that one time. Although he has just been laying on the couch today not doing anything. Poor kid! I hope he feels better soon and nobody else is going to get it.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Honoring Veterans

Just got home from bible study at church and locking my child in the van at a friend's house (but that is another blog) and decided to check my email and got reminded that today is Veterans day! I just want to say "THANK YOU" to all the men, women and their familes who fight each and every day for us so that we can be free! Please remember that these men and women make GREAT sacrifices for us so that we can be free. So, if you know somebody who serves in the military or you see somebody on the street who has served, please say "Thank you for protecting us". Please click this link and listen to this new song that Steven Curtis Chapman wrote for a soldier that he met a few days ago when he visited the Bethesda Naval Medical Center in Washington DC. I guess this song is no available yet but he is making it available via streaming audio on his web site. http://stevencurtischapman.com/thomasmcbride.htm?roi=farm-15990746-116699-bb801f0365038a6b0bdf37900a1edd6b&&

Monday, November 10, 2008

Thank God for washing machines...

Ok, so Mondays are usually my laundry days (unless I am volunteering at the school). So, I was getting ready to do my "Jeans" load of laundry and got curiouse about how many jeans my machine actually holds. So, I started counting. Now remember, these are adult and kids jeans. Are you ready...hold your breath...24!!! Can you believe it, 24 pairs of jeans. I know, a lot of you are probably thinking- you have 24 pairs of jeans???? Well, most of them are from the other members of my house hold. I, on the other hand only own 2 maybe 3 pairs. WOW, I am thankful for whomever invented the washing machine and dryer.

I can't imagine having to do laundry with a washboard and having to dry them on a washing line. That would take forever. And the funny thing is, my mom used to do it like that (of course not with the washboard) but with the laundry line. When we still lived in NL she did not have a dryer. She would have to hang everything up outside. And she also had 4 kids (like me).What a lot of work. THANKS Mom, for all you did for us. I know I never appreciated it back then, but now I do!!! Laundry in my house is one of those jobs that NEVER end. Everytime I think I have finished washing all the clothes in my house, I turn around and the hanpers are full again. Why is that? Can anybody answer that question for me?

I know I complain a lot about having to do laundry or clean the bathrooms. But you know what, there are a lot of people out there who don't even have a washing machine or a bathroom to clean. God has given me a great gift of a great house and a great family. And if that means I have to clean 2 (yes, only 2 thankfully) bathrooms and a load of 24 pairs of jeans, then that is ok. And hey, do you have a great laundry helper like this one??? NO, I don't think so!!!My laundry helper!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Like I said...

yesterday was our 10th anniversary. We decided to spend it with our 4 beautiful children. We wanted go out to dinner but somewhere special so we went to Yamato's. We had not been there in a LONG time (I think Joel was about 4 or so). The kids had so much fun. They loved every minute of it. Joel especially liked it because he got to catch a shrimp in his mouth. I think he got it on the 3rd try. He was so proud of himself. He is still talking about it!
I have to say, Terry is so CREATIVE when it comes to anniversary gifts. He always goes by the "Traditional anniversary gift list". And for the 10th anniversary it was tin or aluminum. So... he got me this great cake pan that came with a personalized top. He is so creative:)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Anniversary

10 unbelievable years and 4 incredible children. Life is good at the Rogers house. God has blessed me with a wonderful husband whom I love very much. We have made some great memories together and I can't wait to see what is in store for us the next 10 years (and more). Terry, thank you for being patient with me and loving me even when things get hard. I luzze ya LOTS!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tom The Turkey Disguise...

Riley came home from school today with a project to do for homework. She had a Tom the turkey and we had to disguise him as a different animal or character in hopes of avoiding being caught for Thanksgiving Day dinner. So I really could not think of anything, so I went to google and searched "Turkey disguise". Who would have thought...I think every kindergarten class in the United States does this project. There were 1,080,000 search results!!! WOW! Anway, we had plenty to search from. We decided to make a snowman! He came out really cute. And Riley and I had a good time making him:)