Saturday, November 1, 2008

Doughnuts, lights and Rocks...

We have had a great Saturday today. We woke up and decided to take
the kids to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. The kids love that place and I have to say, I enjoy it too. You should have seen Josiah and his doughnut with orange and black sprinkles. He loved it. After our "Sugar High" we went to our local Home Depot to look for a bed light for Jesse. We have promised him a light for his bed so he can "read" books on nights where there is no school. We went a few weeks ago but could not find one. So Terry went on their website and it said that our local store had 12 in stock. Well, when we got there, the guy tried to find us one but could not find it. He checked the computer and it said they had them in stock. I think it took him about 15 minutes but finally found one!! We were looking for a certain one (a black one) but they only had the silver one). So we got it and decided to go to the Home Depot in Irmo and found the black one there. So now we have two- one for Jesse and one for Josiah when he is old enough! After we got home, Terry took a quick nap and then left for the football game-Carolina vs. Tennessee. WE WON!!!
Because the weather was so beautiful today, I sent the kids outside to play. Riley and Lilli sat outside for a long time just coloring and making crafts with paper. They looked like they were having fun. After I woke up Jesse from his afternoon nam, he came outside and the kids started running around the house and just having fun (with a few arguments here and there-but life would not be the same without those!) Josiah has such a blast playing outside. He loves to explore. Joel started looking for rocks and got the girls and Jesse involved with that too.I then got my camera out and decided to take some pictures of the kids just playing around and also some "posing" pictures. I am glad my kids don't mind me taking pictures of them:)

Joel, looking for rocks in the back yard!

What a find!!!

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Mari Fontana said...

Fun...I love the pictures of the kids!