Monday, November 10, 2008

Thank God for washing machines...

Ok, so Mondays are usually my laundry days (unless I am volunteering at the school). So, I was getting ready to do my "Jeans" load of laundry and got curiouse about how many jeans my machine actually holds. So, I started counting. Now remember, these are adult and kids jeans. Are you ready...hold your breath...24!!! Can you believe it, 24 pairs of jeans. I know, a lot of you are probably thinking- you have 24 pairs of jeans???? Well, most of them are from the other members of my house hold. I, on the other hand only own 2 maybe 3 pairs. WOW, I am thankful for whomever invented the washing machine and dryer.

I can't imagine having to do laundry with a washboard and having to dry them on a washing line. That would take forever. And the funny thing is, my mom used to do it like that (of course not with the washboard) but with the laundry line. When we still lived in NL she did not have a dryer. She would have to hang everything up outside. And she also had 4 kids (like me).What a lot of work. THANKS Mom, for all you did for us. I know I never appreciated it back then, but now I do!!! Laundry in my house is one of those jobs that NEVER end. Everytime I think I have finished washing all the clothes in my house, I turn around and the hanpers are full again. Why is that? Can anybody answer that question for me?

I know I complain a lot about having to do laundry or clean the bathrooms. But you know what, there are a lot of people out there who don't even have a washing machine or a bathroom to clean. God has given me a great gift of a great house and a great family. And if that means I have to clean 2 (yes, only 2 thankfully) bathrooms and a load of 24 pairs of jeans, then that is ok. And hey, do you have a great laundry helper like this one??? NO, I don't think so!!!My laundry helper!

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Mari Fontana said...

I have acouple of laundry helpers...what a gift to have that much to wash...we have been clothed like the flowers of the field!
Love ya.