Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rainy Weekend...

OK, so this weekend has been pretty dreary. On Friday it pretty much rained all day long. I have to say, it was really nice. Since Jesse was complaining of his belly hurting and just not being himself, I let him play the Wii by himself. Josiah was just walking around with his headphones. He was getting into everything, this is why he is walking around in diaper-he spilled my water all over him. Because it was raining so hard on Friday, I thought it was a perfect day to bake. It was actually my friend Mari's birthday that day, so I decided to make her a cake. It was actually a Chocolate Chip cookie. It is one of my favorite desserts especially with the chocolate/mocha frosting that I make with it. It was AWSOME! I think she enjoyed it. I know her kids did:) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARI!!! I hope you had a great day!


lbenites said...

I have been following you and your family through your blog and can't wait to finally meet you. I am so happy that Terry found such a wonderful wife. He is a great guy. We are coming home to Judy and Jerry's house for Christmas and I would love to finally meet you and the children. They are so cute. I'll let you know the more when I confirm our dates. Take care.


Pauline said...

Thank you so much for those nice words. We would love to get together next time you are in town. It has been YEARS since we have seen Judy & Jerry. Please keep in touch.

Mari Fontana said...
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Mari Fontana said...

Ok my last comment was a mess so let's try it again!
I LOVED IT!!! Thanks so much. It is nice to have friends who love you!
Love ya,