Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Crazy Weekend coming up!

I don't know if many of you know, but a few months ago we got a new van (well, it is a used van, but it is new to us.) It is almost exactly the same as the one we had before except this one has a DVD player in it. The kids love this although we really only use it when we go on long trips. I really don't want to get into the habit of watching a movie when we running to Wal-mart. But it is nice when we are driving down to Carolien's or something like that since that is about a nine hour drive. Well anyway, instead of trading our old van in, Terry decided to try to sell it on our own. Well, that really has not worked that well. We have had a few phone calls but nobody has really been that interested. I was getting a bit worried about it but then my sister Carolien called me last week and asked if we still had our van. Their van had broken down and were looking to buy a new van. So... Terry & Rich have been talking and guess what they bought our van. That is kind of neat I think. Anyway, in order for them to get it we have to drive it over there. So we are planning to leave here around 1pm on Friday and then come back sometime on Sunday-probably around 7pm or so. It is going to be so nice being over there but really we only have one whole day. We will probably get there around 9pm or so on Friday and then we will have the entire day on Saturday and we will have to leave early on Sunday. I wish we could stay longer but with Joel and Riley being in school that is not possible. Hopefully we will be able to go back soon.

The kids are so excited about going. Jesse is especially excited about it. He wants to play with Matthew so bad. He asks me every day if today is the day we are leaving for Christopher & Emmy's house. I think it is going to be tough on Sunday when we have to leave, but we will see. He might surprise me.

Please pray that our trip will be a good one, especially since I am going to have to drive our van. I am usually able to feed Josiah while Terry drives. But since I will be driving, I am hoping that maybe Joel will be able to do that. We will see. I have to say, he is very helpfull.

Well, if I want to leave on time on Friday I better get started with laundry. Thank you for checking our blog. Please don't forget to leave a message after you read it. It is nice to know that people are actually reading this and I am not just doing this for myself. Let me know what you think of it. I have to say, I am enjoying this. It is a lot of fun and I am really getting in to it. Maybe even too much. Have a great week.

Friday, January 25, 2008

OOPS, I forgot!!

Wednesday January 16th we had SNOW. Yes, it actually snowed in Lexington, SC. It was so nice. We had just gotten home from church and it wasn't even raining. So I had given up on it. So we got the kids ready for bed and said our prayers. While they were in bed, my neighbor calls me and tells me she is outside on her front porch watching the snow fall. So, the kids ran outside (in their pj's) and were so excited. So we let them run around for a little bit and then told them to get back to bed. Well, that did not go over very well.

As you can tell, they were pretty upset that they were not able to stay up. After they had gone to bed, Terry and I were still outside for a while and at that point it really started coming down. So we decided to get the kids out of bed and let them play for a little while in the snow-since this only happens once every 4 years or so:) Enjoy the pictures.

Misc. pictures of the kids!

Jesse & Jacob boxing on the WII!

Jesse LOVES to read books, can you tell?


I know, we are missing one:)

We love being silly.

I love helping daddy make breakfast on
Saturday mornings.

What a cutie:)

Look, I am sitting all by myself!

Its the weekend!

Wow, finally! I really didn't think I was going to make it. It has been crazy over here. I feel like we have had sick children in the house since Christmas Day. At my last post I mentioned that Riley was sick with a fever, that following Sunday I was getting Jesse dressed for church and noticed he was pretty hot. I took his temperature and sure enough, he was sick. Then 4 days later Joel got it. Now last week Saturday we were at my friend Sheri's house for her son Austin's birthday and Jesse started complaining of his ear hurting. So I ran home and got some ear drops I had to numb the pain and that worked great. The next day he didn't say a thing about his ear hurting. Then the night from Sunday to Monday he woke up screaming. So, Monday first thing I did was make an appointment. Guess what, he has a double ear infection. Are things ever going to get better? I hope so. He has been on antibiotics now since Monday but he still doesn't seem himself. I took his temperature earlier this morning and it was still 99.1 I know that is not very high but it is not his regular temperature. So we will wait and see. So, as you can imagine, life at the Roger's house has been pretty slow. They have been watching lots of movies lately. Hopefully we will all get better soon.

Yesterday was a big day for Joel and Riley... REPORT CARDS! Joel did awesome. He got all A's again. He is on the "Principal list" second time around. I am so proud of him. I guess it really means a lot to me that he is on this list because I have never been on it myself. Riley got her report card too, I can't believe they actually get them in 4-K. She did great too. There are no A's and B's of course but she did get S's and Checks. She is doing great. Her teacher said that she is very happy with Riley and where she is. I am so proud of her. She loves school. She has made a little friend. Her name is Nikki and they talk about each other all the time. Yesterday I ran into her mom at school and she said that Nikki had been talking about Riley all morning long. I think Nikki is going to try to come over for a play date in a couple of weeks. I know that is going to be fun:)

Josiah has had a big week too. He got his first tooth last week. He is so cute. I think he is trying to get used to something being in his mouth. He keeps sticking out his tongue and feeling it. It is really cute to see. I have a feeling that tooth number 2 is getting ready to pop out too. He has been drooling like a maniac. Then since yesterday, he has been saying "BAA, BAA, BAA, BAA". It is so cute. He also repeats it if you ask him to say it. I have to say, he is pretty adorable. Terry and I were looking at pictures yesterday and said that we do think he looks different then everybody else. I can't wait to see what is going to happen.

Anyway, that is about it for now. Not much else. It is pretty quiet at the Roger's house tonight. Terry is at "Turtle Beach" (as Riley likes to call Myrtle Beach). He will be back sometime tomorrow night. And Joel is at a sleep over at a friends house. So, I only have 3 children at home tonight. Riley and Jesse were pretty sad that they didn't get to go to a sleep over so they are having their own sleep over in Jesse's room. They were very excited, they got their sleeping bags out and pillows and are sleeping on the floor in Jesse's room. How fun:)

I am hoping to add some pictures soon. I tried to put some on tonight but for some reason it was not working. I'll try again later. Thanks for listening to me rattling on.

Have a great weekend.
Living by grace,

Monday, January 14, 2008

What a weekend.

Riley came home on Friday afternoon and I could tell she was not feeling good. I took her temperature and YUP, she had a fever. Poor girl, she has been miserable all weekend. She has been pretty much laying on the couch and doing nothing. I thought she was doing better yesterday but when I took her temperature again last night it was still 100.3 So she can't go to school today. She was very sad when I told her because she wanted to play with her friend Nicki.
So, as I was getting Jesse ready for church yesterday I felt him and he was burning up too. So he has been sick too. AAHH! I am looking forward to the day that everybody will be healthy again. I am praying hard that Joel or Josiah won't get it.

As for Josiah, he has had a busy weekend too. Friday morning I was feeding him in my bed and found out he finally got his first tooth. It is his bottom left. I can't believe it, I think it has taken him the longest out of all of the other ones. I can't wait to see what he is going to look like when he has some teeth. Then last night we were all on the bed just hanging out and getting the kids ready for bed, he started saying "dadda, dadda". The kids were so excited. WOW, my baby is getting big. I can't believe he is already 7 months old. Where is the time going. AAAHHHH!!!!

Well, I better get going. We are praying for snow. They said something about flurries on Wednesday on the news but today they are saying just rain. The kids would be so excited. That is what Jesse really wanted for Christmas. We asked him what he wanted for Christmas and he kept saying "A Snow Flake, Mommy". Joel actually made him one at school but I don't think that was what he was talking about.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A day in the life...

Life at the Rogers house has become pretty boring. I guess we have settled into the new year and back into our routine. Joel and Riley are back in school and Jesse is getting used to having to play by himself again- although I don't think minds.

Riley has had a pretty big week this week at school. She was the "Student Of The Week". Although I don't really know what that means. I keep asking her what kind of "special" things she did today at school for being the student of the week and she tells me "nothing mommy". I am sure she gets to do special things she just won't tell me or can't remember. She did bring pictures to school to share with her class. She brought some pictures of herself when she was a baby, and a toddler. Also pictures of her when she was wearing her casts and then of course we had to bring a picture of Opa and Oma and the cousins and a picture of her friend (and neighbor) Lilli. She was so excited on Monday to go to school- I am the Student of the week mommy!!! I guess it is a pretty big milestone for a 4 year old.

I had a nice night tonight, my friend Merry and I had a "girls night out". It was a lot of fun, this is the only time we get to go to Monterey's. Both our husbands are not too crazy for Mexican food,so pretty much every time we go out together this is where we eat. So, to show you how exciting our lives are, after dinner we went to Wal-mart to pick up some milk and coffee. You know you don't have much of an exciting life, when you are strolling the aisles of Walmart on a "girls night out". Merry actually picked up a key lime pie and invited me over for some dessert at her house. We had fun, it was nice catching up with her. I consider her a very dear friend and I always have fun with her-even if we do spend it at Wal-Mart.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

I hope everybody had a very Merry Christmas and I pray for a happy and healthy 2008. Ours started out a bit rough. Both Riley & Jesse got the stomach flu on Christmas night. Around 7:30pm Riley got sick and then about 30 minutes later Jesse got sick. And we had to deal with that for the next 8 hours or so. It was no fun. I was just thankful that this happened at 7:30pm on Christmas day and not at 7:30AM on Christmas day. Luckily this was only a 24 hour bug but the next day Josiah and I got it. Although for Josiah it lasted a bit longer. Yesterday was really the first day of having a good day and eating well.

Our Christmas was a lot of fun. We started out on Christmas Eve by decorating the cookies we made the weekend before. We invited Lilli back over to our house and she helped us decorate. It was a lot of fun. They kept saying "this is so much fun mommy"; "Thank you mommy for doing this". I think we are going to make this an annual event.

The next day, the kids got up around 8am and stayed upstairs with a lot of "Can we go downstairs now???" while we fed Josiah. After we were done feeding him his bottle, we all went down stairs and got ready to open presents. They had so much fun. We left the "special group gift for last". We gave them each a present that was part of the gift. Joel opened his and said "A Wii remote, why do I have a Wii remote? I don't understand?" So at that point I gave him the big box and he opened it, and he was so excited "WE HAVE A WII, WE HAVE A WII. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, WE HAVE A WII". He was so excited, I have to say, the other kids were too, but he took the cake. So after we ate breakfast and got dressed for the day, Terry had to set up the WII so we could all play it. It is so much fun. I wish everybody could see Jesse box, he is amazing. The other day he was playing with one of our friends and he kept winning. I think they played 3 different rounds in boxing and he won all three of them.