Friday, August 1, 2008

Waynesville, North Carolina

What a nice week we had. My friend Lorriellen invited our family to go with her to her inlaw's mountain house in Waynesville, North Carolina.

Lorriellen with her husband Chris and their son Davis.

We left on Wednesday (July 23rd) and Terry came up that Friday after work. It was just so nice and relaxing. The weather was amazing. It was in the 80's and that is GREAT when you live in Lexington, SC where it feels like it is 110 degrees.

On Saturday we were going to go find a trail and go hiking. Well, our tour guide took a wrong turn on the Blue Ridge Parkway so we did not find it. But ended up going to Lake Joccassee and walking around there. It is beautiful over there.

Lake Joccassee
I wish we could have just stayed there for another week but we had to go back to reality. Here are some more pictures of our week. Enjoy:)

Riley and Jesse playing in their bedroom (which was a walk-in closet)

Davis and Joel playing together in the kitchen.

Joel and Riley on the golf course with Daddy.

A bush in the shape of a dog. How fun!!

Family picture with Lake Joccassee in the background.

Isn't she beautiful?

Hey look, we match!

Lorriellen and her "Chili dog"

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