Monday, July 21, 2008

2 month review!

OK, so it has been a while since I have posted anything! It has been a bit crazy- I guess that is what happens during the summer.

Well lets see. The last time I posted something was when my baby Josiah turned one. He is now 13 months and almost walking. He stands up all by himself but is too scared to take a step. I have a feeling it will happen soon. June 22ndwas a big day for my Jester. He turned 4. We had a pool party for him at our friends Joe and Flo's house. It was a lot of fun. We ordered a big sub from Wal-mart and Callie and I made a Super man cake for him. He had so much fun. Jesse's Superman Cake. Jesse is all smiles at his birthday party. Josiah enjoying the water with mommy.

On Sunday (his actual birthday) we waited to give him his birthday present until after church. Here is what he got from us, you think he likes it?

This hat totally fits Jesse!


We also got some money from Opa & Oma and from friends so we took him to Target last week and he picked "Better Batter Baseball". He has been talking about that for months. He always saw the commercials on TV and said he wanted that. So here it is.
Then on July 4th we went to Atlanta to visit Terry's aunt Joan. That was a lot of fun too. It had been so long since we had seen her. I think the last time we were there was when Riley was younger then Josiah. We wanted to do something special with the kids that weekend so we stayed at the Peach Tree Hotel on Friday July 4th. We were on the 60th floor. Let me tell you, that is VERY high. We had a great room- on the side of Centennial Olympic Park. So that worked out great when they started the fire works. We didn't have to fight the crowds and we were air conditioned! We got to watch the fire works in our pj's. We also went to the aquarium in Atlanta. That was amazing. They have some amazing fish. The kids had a lot of fun.
Family picture at the Atlanta aquarium.
Fireworks out our hotel window. AMAZING!
Joel, Riley, aunt Joan, Josiah and Jesse.

Aunt Joan, Daddy and Josiah.

Another thing we did this summer is we went to the local Drive In Movie theater. The kids had a blast. We went to see Wal-E. The kids really liked it. I didn't like it too much. We got there around 6:30pm and the gates were actually open already so we didn't get a spot in the very front but we had a good spot. After we got situated we just sat around and talked. Our friends Jody and Melia and their two boys went with us. The movie actualy didn't start until 9:15pm or so. I could not believe Josiah, he stayed awake the entire time. He even stayed awake on the way home-a 30 minute drive.
Riley and Jesse riding the little train.

The boys watching the movie.

Our kids have also attended a good amound of VBS's this year. They went with our neighbor Lilli to her church and Joel and Riley made these bird houses there.

Riley's bird house.

Joel's bird house: A volcano with a dinosaur.

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Sheri said...

That birthday cake is awesome! I can't believe how fast the summer is going by! We stil need to have you and the gang over for a dip in the pool! :)