Friday, August 22, 2008

Week in Review...and a roach!

Wow, what a week. We have had a really good 3 days at school. The first day at school, Joel said they really didn't do too much. I guess they mainly went back over rules and just getting used to each other. The second day was pretty much the same, I believe. And I have to tell you, Joel was pretty disappointed. He said "we didn't learn anything"! He is ready to get started. He was even disappointed that he didn't have any homework yet. Although yesterday he had to put 3 things in a bag that would tell about him and the things he enjoy. So, guess what he put in his bag.

  1. A Harry Potter Bookmark

  2. A picture of the Wii

  3. And the cover of the Chronicles Of Narnia DVD

Of course I asked him what were some of the things the other kids brought in, but he seem to not be able to remember.

As for Riley. She has had a great 3 days too. I asked her what her favorite part of the day was and she said "lunch". The first day she ate ALL her lunch. I was very surprised, I have to say because she is a very slow eater. Then the second day half of her sandwich was eaten but her dessert was gone. We already had a talk about eating our lunch first and then the dessert but she said "but Mommy, my teacher said I could eat my dessert". So we had another little talk about, knowing the rules and following them. You knew that Mommy wanted you to eat your sandwich first and then your dessert. So I believe we got that down- today her sandwich and her dessert were eaten. BUT... while I was asking her about her day today. She was telling me she went to PE today and they played with the big parachute, it sounded like she had a lot of fun. So then I brought recess up-I asked if they played outside because it had been raining here all day. And she said "yes, we went outside to play, but I had to sit on the wall for 5 minutes because I was talking during art. I could not believe it, her 3rd day and she was already in a "time out". She did get a smiley face on her paper so I guess Mrs. Walsh didn't think too much of it. But we did have a talk about obeying your teacher. And when you don't obey your teachers you are not obeying Mommy & Daddy. I think she understands that now. We did tell her that we were very proud of her for telling us and we hope that if something like this happens again, she would tell us again. But we trust that it won't:)

That is about it. Now we are all ready for the weekend. My poor JoJo was really having a hard time with the waking up so early. I think he wakes up when Terry wakes Riley up at 6:15am. So today I put him back in bed around 8:30am and he slept until about 10am. I think that really helps.

As for Jesse, he is having a blast! He gets to play on the computer and the WII all by himself. He loves it. And I like it, because I got to clean Joel and Riley's room today and throw things away... without them saying, "NO don't throw that away"!!! And it looks clean now. Jesse actually got to sit on Joel's top bunk bed this morning too playing with his little car. He had so much fun.

One final announcement... I killed my first roach!! OH, I HATE roaches and while I was putting Josiah's clothes away I noticed a HUGE roach on the wall. I called Terry (he is not teaching right now) and was freaking out! My hands got all clammy and my hear started racing. I think I have a major "fear". Terry just kind of laughed and told me he was not going to come home and kill a roach. He said, go get the fly swatter and I'll talk you through it! I really thought I was not going to be able to do it. I even went to the front door to see if any of my neighbors were home, but no luck! So I had to find that courage...and I did. I killed my first roach! But then I had to clean him up!!! So luckily after a lot of pushing and shoving, I got him on the fly swatter and tossed him out the front door. I know, I know... all of you are probably saying: What a whimp. It is just a roach! Get a hold of yourself." But trust me, I have a major fear of roaches.


Mari Fontana said...

LOL!!! TOO FUNNY! I hate roaches too...

Toni said...

Yuck! Roaches are nasty. I'm with you. I hate them as well. And I was cracking up at your son being disappointed because he didn't "learn anything." He's a teacher's dream student.