Thursday, August 7, 2008

Big girls now...

Yesterday was a big day for Riley and Lilli. They got their EARS PIERCED!! They were so excited. We were doing it at night, so that Tammy could come with us and have a "girls night out". Lilli actually went to church with us to have dinner and after dinner we dropped the boys at home and met Tammy at the mall.

The funny thing was, the night before Tammy and I asked Lilli if she wanted her ears pierced and she said, "No, I'll wait till I turn 7". Then she said, "I'll go and watch Riley and if it doesn't hurt then I'll do it". Well, while we were at church, she was so excited that she said she was going to go first!

When we finally got to there, Lilli was SO Excited...she jumped right in the chair and was ready. Riley on the other hand was just kind of watching everything-very quietly. Finally the girl got ready and Lilli did great. They have a special bear that the kids get to hold if they want too while they are getting their ears done. All she said after the girl put her first earing in was "Hurry, Hurry, this doesn't feel good". And pretty much the same thing after the second ear. She was amazing:)

So, now it was Riley's turn. She was all ready. Hopped right into the chair. The girl put the little dots on her ear where the ear rings were going and she still had this exciting look on her face, no idea what was about to happen. And then the girl "clicked the gun" she started SCREAMING! It was so sad. I think it scared her for the most part but the girl was really nice. She tried to bribe her with a sucker and that worked a little bit but not too much. She screamed some more for the second ear but then we were done. She cried for just a little bit longer and then was fine. She was so proud of her ear rings. All day today she was showing them to everybody. She thinks she is such a big girl now. We just have to keep cleaning them and turning them for the next 6-8 weeks.

Right before we left the mall last night, Riley told me she wanted to wear a pretty dress to the first day of school so she would look pretty with her ear rings. She is so excited:)

Now the next few pictures are just of Riley being silly before going to bed. She was so excited for her new PJ's (Thanks Lilli). She was just being a little girl playing in her bed and I just had to take some pictures of that. I also added a picture of Riley and her kindergarden teacher, Mrs. Walsh. She has been coming all summer long doing little things with her preparing for 5k. Today was her last day until school starts. I wanted to take a picture of them together. Well, Riley and Jesse started fighting over a toy and this is the picture I got. Oh well:)


Toni said...

The photos are PRECIOUS! Do you scrapbook? Because I'm thinking this story needs to be preserved.

Maria said...

AAWWW!!! We love Riley Ann's pictures... what a sweetheart.. did you know that there have been studies done (to babies only) that a little bit of sugar water will take away the pain of needles? (probably VERY temporarily like in Riley's case) =) Maria