Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On the first day of 5k and 3rd grade...

Wow, it is back to school time. Today is the first day of school. Both my kids were SO EXCITED! Riley woke up Tuesday morning (the day before school started) at 4:30 AM asking if it was time to wake up yet to go to school. Poor girl, she had to wait another entire day. Joel kept saying "this day is taking too long, I am ready to go back to school". WOW, I wish I was like that when I was in school. I did not like school and I loved summer vacation!!! Terry took a picture of Riley getting dressed (don't look at my hair- hey I just woke up!)I am so excited!!

Terry woke the kids up at 6:15am and they both jumped right up and got dressed. Joel came walking into my bedroom all dressed and ready to go!He was looking so handsome!
After breakfast we got the other two up and put them all in the van.
Here are some pictures that we took while we were at school this morning: Joel and his 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Jennings. Joel and his friend Zach (they have been in the same class since 5k)

Riley and her two teachers: Mrs. Walsh and Mrs. Joiner.


Mari Fontana said...

They look so Happy!

Sheri said...

Wow! Great first day pics! Do you know I forgot to take pictures the first day! I felt terrible for forgetting. We were so tired that morning. We were just trying to get out the door on time! Thanks for the encouraging words on the blog! :)