Saturday, September 11, 2010

Losing teeth is not easy.

Tonight after dinner I told Jesse he needed to start working on his top front tooth because it has been lose for a couple of months now and it was really starting to get wiggly. Terry tried to pull it but couldn't get it. I tried and I couldn't get it either. So we gave him a paper towel while the little ones were watching two Veggie Tale movies and right before bed daddy pulled it out. I could not believe it. He cried for just a few seconds because he said it hurt but once daddy gave him his "tooth-dollar" bill everything was forgotten. He did awesome. I told him that he needs to work on the other top one because that one is lose too. So we might have an update on this post tomorrow:)

I was trying to figure out when his first bottom teeth came out and it has actually been about a year (September 28th and October 4th I think). You can see the two "big" teeth on the bottom.

I was trying to get a picture of the hole in his gums but it didn't really work. Sorry about the booger, I didn't see that until I uploaded the pictures. YUK!!

He is SO excited about his "tooth dollar" bill.

Here again, trying to get his gums but no luck. At least you don't see the booger this time.

Just enjoying his "tooth dollar" bill:)

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