Friday, September 10, 2010

Very First Soccer Practice.

This past Thursday was Jesse's first soccer practice EVER!
He was SO excited. His coach is a friend from Church and his son Kevin, is in Jesse's class. The pretty much just worked on kicking the ball this week and then next week they will probably do some more "technical" stuff because the following Saturday is their very first game.

Kevin and Jesse running to get some water.
I love the way this picture came out.

Jesse and coach Eddie

Josiah  and his Carolina helmet and football.

"Why can't I see anything"?

"Maybe if I run this way somebody will help me figure this out".

"MOMMY, I can't see anything"!

"Is Jesse done yet? I am hungry. Can we go home?"

Joel teaching his little brother how to kick the ball.

Another great picture (can't take credit for it thoug-thanks Terry).

"Kick it in that goal! Kick it in that goal"!!

Another great one (and another Terry shot).

What can I say...God gave us some beautiful children! (and yes...I took this one).


ruth said...

I loved the pictures! brought back memories of those moments of the kids playing sports. LOL with the helmet on backwards on Josiah:)

Brantley said...

Great pictures! Yes, God gave you beautiful children! :) Hope you are feeling better today.