Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sewing 101

This past weekend we took the kids to visit their my sister and their cousins in Alabama. And while I was there my sister gave me a sewing class:) I told her that I had gotten a sewing machine from a friend from church but had NO idea to get started. So she told me to bring it with me and if she felt up to it she would show me how to use it. So on Saturday we went upstairs and got ready to sew. She told me to pick a pattern that was easy and she would help me put it together. You would be amazed at how many patterns she had. I think she could probably start her own "pattern store". Anyway, we ended up making a dress for Kit, Riley's American girl doll. I think what would have taken her about 1 or 2 hours to make took me 6 hours. But hey, I think I know how to use it. I am really wanting to go to Joanne's or Hobby Lobby and getting some kind of fabric and a pattern and try it on my own. I will let you know how it comes out when I do that:)
Thanks Vicki for handing down your sewing machine to me. I hope to use it a lot:)


Justin & Raluca said...

No that you are the expert, maybe you can show me how to make the dress I bought for Alina months ago...or better yet, you could just make it?

ThroughAMothersEye said...

How fun! I do know how to sew, but my machine is ancient (was my grandmother's) and I try NOT to use it! Haha! I do borrow my Mom's when I am able, but that is not very often.
You should be able to whip up some great baby shower gifts, etc!!!
Love the pictures!!

Brantley said...

Great job! I am very impressed!